James T. Teherani
James T. Teherani
GaN Device Development and Process Integration Engineer, Texas Instruments
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Transferred via contacts as a platform for ideal two-dimensional transistors
Y Jung, MS Choi, A Nipane, A Borah, B Kim, A Zangiabadi, T Taniguchi, ...
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arXiv preprint arXiv:1705.08478, 2017
Extraction of large valence-band energy offsets and comparison to theoretical values for strained-Si/strained-Ge type-II heterostructures on relaxed SiGe substrates
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In(0.53)Ga(0.47)As/GaAs(0.5)Sb(0.5) Quantum-Well Tunnel-FETs With Tunable Backward Diode Characteristics
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Damage-Free Atomic Layer Etch of WSe2: A Platform for Fabricating Clean Two-Dimensional Devices
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Effect of Uniaxial Strain on the Drain Current of a Heterojunction Tunneling Field-Effect Transistor
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Performance and modeling of the MWIR HgCdTe electron avalanche photodiode
J Beck, R Scritchfield, B Sullivan, J Teherani, CF Wan, M Kinch, M Ohlson, ...
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Low-Resistance p-Type Ohmic Contacts to Ultrathin WSe2 by Using a Monolayer Dopant
A Borah, A Nipane, MS Choi, J Hone, JT Teherani
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Investigation of hole mobility in gate-all-around Si nanowire p-MOSFETs with high-к/metal-gate: effects of hydrogen thermal annealing and nanowire shape
P Hashemi, JT Teherani, JL Hoyt
2010 International Electron Devices Meeting, 34.5. 1-34.5. 4, 2010
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