Dirk Lindebaum
Dirk Lindebaum
Professor in Management & Organisation
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A critical examination of the relationship between emotional intelligence and transformational leadership
D Lindebaum, S Cartwright
Journal of Management Studies 47 (7), 1317-1342, 2010
Rhetoric or remedy? A critique on developing emotional intelligence
D Lindebaum
Academy of Management Learning & Education 8 (2), 225-237, 2009
‘It’s good to be angry’: Enacting anger in construction project management to achieve perceived leader effectiveness
D Lindebaum, S Fielden
human relations 64 (3), 437-458, 2011
Not quite a revolution: Scrutinizing organizational neuroscience in leadership studies
D Lindebaum, M Zundel
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Positive emotions, negative emotions, or utility of discrete emotions?
D Lindebaum, PJ Jordan
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When it can be good to feel bad and bad to feel good: Exploring asymmetries in workplace emotional outcomes
D Lindebaum, PJ Jordan
human relations 67 (9), 1037-1050, 2014
The place and role of (moral) anger in organizational behavior studies
D Lindebaum, D Geddes
Journal of Organizational Behavior 37 (5), 738-757, 2016
The place and role of (moral) anger in organizational behavior studies
D Lindebaum, D Geddes
Journal of Organizational Behavior 37 (5), 738-757, 2016
A contradiction in terms? Making sense of emotional intelligence in a construction management environment
D Lindebaum, C Cassell
British Journal of Management 23 (1), 65-79, 2012
A critique on neuroscientific methodologies in organizational behavior and management studies
D Lindebaum, PJ Jordan
Journal of Organizational Behavior 35 (7), 898-908, 2014
Does emotional intelligence moderate the relationship between mental health and job performance? An exploratory study
D Lindebaum
European Management Journal 31 (6), 538-548, 2013
Pathologizing the healthy but ineffective: Some ethical reflections on using neuroscience in leadership research
D Lindebaum
Journal of Management Inquiry 22 (3), 295-305, 2013
Moral emotions and ethics in organisations: Introduction to the special issue
D Lindebaum, D Geddes, Y Gabriel
Journal of Business Ethics 141 (4), 645-656, 2017
Critical essay: Building new management theories on sound data? The case of neuroscience
D Lindebaum
human relations 69 (3), 537-550, 2016
Symmetrical and asymmetrical outcomes of leader anger expression: A qualitative study of army personnel
D Lindebaum, PJ Jordan, L Morris
human relations 69 (2), 277-300, 2016
Relevant but exaggerated: the effects of emotional intelligence on project manager performance in construction
D Lindebaum, PJ Jordan
Construction Management and Economics 30 (7), 575-583, 2012
I rebel—therefore we exist: Emotional standardization in organizations and the emotionally intelligent individual
D Lindebaum
Journal of Management Inquiry 21 (3), 262-277, 2012
Leadership effectiveness: the costs and benefits of being emotionally intelligent
D Lindebaum, S Cartwright
Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 2011
Anger and organization studies: From social disorder to moral order
D Lindebaum, Y Gabriel
Organization Studies 37 (7), 903-918, 2016
A model of within person variation in leadership: Emotion regulation and scripts as predictors of situationally appropriate leadership
PJ Jordan, D Lindebaum
The Leadership Quarterly 26 (4), 594-605, 2015
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