Andrey Novitsky
Andrey Novitsky
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Single gradientless light beam drags particles as tractor beams
A Novitsky, CW Qiu, H Wang
Physical review letters 107 (20), 203601, 2011
Negative propagation of vector Bessel beams
AV Novitsky, DV Novitsky
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Elliptical dichroism: operating principle of planar chiral metamaterials
SV Zhukovsky, AV Novitsky, VM Galynsky
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Material-independent and size-independent tractor beams for dipole objects
A Novitsky, CW Qiu, A Lavrinenko
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Nonparaxial Airy beams: role of evanescent waves
AV Novitsky, DV Novitsky
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Ultrabroadband terahertz spectroscopy of chalcogenide glasses
M Zalkovskij, C Zoffmann Bisgaard, A Novitsky, R Malureanu, D Savastru, ...
Applied Physics Letters 100 (3), 2012
Unveiling the correlation between non‐diffracting tractor beam and its singularity in Poynting vector
D Gao, A Novitsky, T Zhang, FC Cheong, L Gao, CT Lim, B Luk'yanchuk, ...
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Operator approach to effective medium theory to overcome a breakdown of Maxwell Garnett approximation
V Popov, AV Lavrinenko, A Novitsky
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Guided modes in negative-refractive-index fibres
AV Novitsky, LM Barkovsky
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Engineering light-matter interaction for emerging optical manipulation applications
CW Qiu, D Palima, A Novitsky, D Gao, W Ding, SV Zhukovsky, J Gluckstad
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Asymmetric transmission in planar chiral split-ring metamaterials: Microscopic Lorentz-theory approach
AV Novitsky, VM Galynsky, SV Zhukovsky
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Electromagnetic interaction of arbitrary radial-dependent anisotropic spheres and improved invisibility for nonlinear-transformation-based cloaks
CW Qiu, A Novitsky, H Ma, S Qu
Physical review E 80 (1), 016604, 2009
Non-resonant terahertz field enhancement in periodically arranged nanoslits
A Novitsky, AM Ivinskaya, M Zalkovskij, R Malureanu, P Uhd Jepsen, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 112 (7), 2012
symmetry breaking in multilayers with resonant loss and gain locks light propagation direction
DV Novitsky, A Karabchevsky, AV Lavrinenko, AS Shalin, AV Novitsky
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Nanoscale tunable optical binding mediated by hyperbolic metamaterials
NA Kostina, DA Kislov, AN Ivinskaya, A Proskurin, DN Redka, A Novitsky, ...
ACS Photonics 7 (2), 425-433, 2019
Magnetic field concentration with coaxial silicon nanocylinders in the optical spectral range
KV Baryshnikova, A Novitsky, AB Evlyukhin, AS Shalin
JOSA B 34 (7), D36-D41, 2017
Photon absorption and photocurrent in solar cells below semiconductor bandgap due to electron photoemission from plasmonic nanoantennas
A Novitsky, AV Uskov, C Gritti, IE Protsenko, BE Kardynał, AV Lavrinenko
Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications 22 (4), 422-426, 2014
Mode conversion enables optical pulling force in photonic crystal waveguides
T Zhu, A Novitsky, Y Cao, MRC Mahdy, L Wang, F Sun, Z Jiang, W Ding
Applied Physics Letters 111 (6), 2017
Transformation-based spherical cloaks designed by an implicit transformation-independent method: theory and optimization
A Novitsky, CW Qiu, S Zouhdi
New Journal of Physics 11 (11), 113001, 2009
Controlling Lateral Fano Interference Optical Force with Au–Ge2Sb2Te5 Hybrid Nanostructure
T Cao, J Bao, L Mao, T Zhang, A Novitsky, M Nieto-Vesperinas, CW Qiu
Acs Photonics 3 (10), 1934-1942, 2016
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