Daniel E. Forster
Daniel E. Forster
CCDC Army Research Laboratory
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A Series of Meta-Analytic Tests of the Depletion Effect: Self-Control does not Seem to Rely on a Limited Resource
EC Carter, LM Kofler, DE Forster, ME McCullough
Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 2015
Adulthood personality correlates of childhood adversity
CS Carver, SL Johnson, ME McCullough, DE Forster, J Joormann
Frontiers in psychology 5, 1357, 2014
The power of affirming group values: Group affirmation buffers the self-esteem of women exposed to blatant sexism
J Spencer-Rodgers, B Major, DE Forster, K Peng
Self and Identity 15 (4), 413-431, 2016
The influence of time on task on mind wandering and visual working memory
M Krimsky, DE Forster, MM Llabre, AP Jha
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Cooperation: The roles of interpersonal value and gratitude
A Smith, EJ Pedersen, DE Forster, ME McCullough, D Lieberman
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Digital altruists: Resolving key questions about the empathy–altruism hypothesis in an Internet sample.
WHB McAuliffe, DE Forster, J Philippe, ME McCullough
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Benefit valuation predicts gratitude
DE Forster, EJ Pedersen, A Smith, ME McCullough, D Lieberman
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Does cooperation in the laboratory reflect the operation of a broad trait?
WHB McAuliffe, DE Forster, EJ Pedersen, ME McCullough
European Journal of Personality 33 (1), 89-103, 2019
Experience with anonymous interactions reduces intuitive cooperation
WHB McAuliffe, DE Forster, EJ Pedersen, ME McCullough
Nature human behaviour 2 (12), 909-914, 2018
Forgiveness takes place on an attitudinal continuum from hostility to friendliness: Toward a closer union of forgiveness theory and measurement.
DE Forster, J Billingsley, VM Russell, TG McCauley, A Smith, JL Burnette, ...
Journal of personality and social psychology 119 (4), 861, 2020
Life history, code of honor, and emotional responses to inequality in an economic game.
EJ Pedersen, DE Forster, ME McCullough
Emotion 14 (5), 920, 2014
Dissociable mappings of tonic and phasic pupillary features onto cognitive processes involved in mental arithmetic
RA Cohen Hoffing, N Lauharatanahirun, DE Forster, JO Garcia, JM Vettel, ...
PloS one 15 (3), e0230517, 2020
The impact of moderate priors for Bayesian estimation and testing of item factor analysis models when maximum likelihood is unsuitable
SA Bainter, DE Forster
Structural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplinary Journal 26 (1), 80-93, 2019
Are Smiles Reliable Due to Costs of Social Punishment?
DE Forster
University of Miami, 2015
Perceptions of relationship value and exploitation risk mediate the effects of transgressors’ post-harm communications upon forgiveness
J Billingsley, DE Forster, M Russell, A Smith, J Burnette, Y Ohtsubo, ...
PsyArXiv. May 24, 2018
Apologies promote forgiveness and restore cooperation by increasing perceived relationship value
D Forster, M Russell, J Billingsley, J Burnette, R Kurzban, Y Ohtsubo, ...
PsyArXiv, 2018
Experimental evidence that apologies promote forgiveness by communicating relationship value
DE Forster, J Billingsley, JL Burnette, D Lieberman, Y Ohtsubo, ...
Scientific Reports 11 (1), 1-14, 2021
Approaches for assessing communication in human-autonomy teams
AL Baker, SM Fitzhugh, L Huang, DE Forster, A Scharine, C Neubauer, ...
Human-Intelligent Systems Integration, 2021
Human-Autonomy Teaming: Using Latent Semantic Analysis for Assessing Team Cohesion from Crew Communication
DE Forster, SM McGhee, BS Perelman, C Neubauer, KE Schaefer, ...
CCDC Army Research Laboratory Aberdeen Proving Ground United States, 2020
Team Trust in Human-Autonomy Teams: Analysis of Crew Communication during Manned-Unmanned Gunnery Operations
AL Baker, SM Fitzhugh, DE Forster, RW Brewer, A Krausman, A Scharine, ...
US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Army Research Laboratory …, 2020
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