Dongyue Xie
Dongyue Xie
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Plasticity of laser-processed nanoscale AlAl2Cu eutectic alloy
SJ Wang, G Liu, DY Xie, Q Lei, BP Ramakrishnan, J Mazumder, J Wang, ...
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High strength, deformable nanotwinned Al–Co alloys
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Steps and {112¯ 1} secondary twinning associated with {112¯ 2} twin in titanium
M Gong, S Xu, D Xie, S Wang, J Wang, C Schuman, JS Lecomte
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Superior twin stability and radiation resistance of nanotwinned Ag solid solution alloy
J Li, DY Xie, S Xue, C Fan, Y Chen, H Wang, J Wang, X Zhang
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Ultra-strong nanotwinned Al–Ni solid solution alloys with significant plasticity
YF Zhang, Q Li, SC Xue, J Ding, DY Xie, J Li, T Niu, H Wang, H Wang, ...
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Twin-assisted growth of nominally stable substrates underneath dewetted Au nanoparticles
F Liu, DY Xie, T Majdi, G Zhu
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Mesoscale crystal plasticity modeling of nanoscale Al–Al2Cu eutectic alloy
G Liu, D Xie, S Wang, A Misra, J Wang
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9R phase enabled superior radiation stability of nanotwinned Cu alloys via in situ radiation at elevated temperature
C Fan, D Xie, J Li, Z Shang, Y Chen, S Xue, J Wang, M Li, A El-Azab, ...
Acta Materialia 167, 248-256, 2019
Near degeneracy of magnetic phases in two-dimensional chromium telluride with enhanced perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
AL Coughlin, D Xie, Y Yao, X Zhan, Q Chen, H Hewa-Walpitage, X Zhang, ...
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Quantifying the resistance to dislocation glide in single phase FeCrAl alloy
S Xu, D Xie, G Liu, K Ming, J Wang
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Structures and mechanical properties of Al-Al2Cu interfaces
G Liu, M Gong, D Xie, J Wang
JOM 71 (4), 1200-1208, 2019
Coupled solute effects enable anomalous high-temperature strength and stability in nanotwinned Al alloys
Q Li, D Xie, Z Shang, X Sun, J Cho, Y Zhang, S Xue, H Wang, J Wang, ...
Acta Materialia 200, 378-388, 2020
Temperature‐Induced Atomic Reconstruction At Au/MgAl2O4 Interfaces
F Liu, DY Xie, M Bugnet, T Majdi, JS Preston, J Wang, G Zhu
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Gold-assisted growth of oxide bases underneath dewetted gold nanoparticles
A Yi, F Liu, DY Xie, M Wen, G Zhu
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Deformation behavior of nanoscale Al–Al2Cu eutectics studied by in situ micropillar compression
SJ Wang, DY Xie, J Wang, A Misra
Materials Science and Engineering: A 800, 140311, 2021
Defects in deformation twins in plagioclase
D Xie, G Hirth, JP Hirth, J Wang
Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 46 (10), 959-975, 2019
Ultra-fine-grained and gradient FeCrAl alloys with outstanding work hardening capability
T Sun, Z Shang, J Cho, J Ding, T Niu, Y Zhang, B Yang, D Xie, J Wang, ...
Acta Materialia 215, 117049, 2021
Microstructural evolution of nanotwinned Al-Zr alloy with significant 9R phase
NA Richter, YF Zhang, DY Xie, R Su, Q Li, S Xue, T Niu, J Wang, H Wang, ...
Materials Research Letters 9 (2), 91-98, 2021
Formation of iron hydride in α-Fe under dislocation strain field and its effect on dislocation interaction
Y Cui, D Xie, P Yu, Y Guo, Y Rong, G Zhu, M Wen
Computational Materials Science 141, 254-259, 2018
Strength, plasticity, thermal stability and strain rate sensitivity of nanograined nickel with amorphous ceramic grain boundaries
B Wei, W Wu, D Xie, M Nastasi, J Wang
Acta Materialia 212, 116918, 2021
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