Carlos Scheidegger
Carlos Scheidegger
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Certifying and removing disparate impact
M Feldman, SA Friedler, J Moeller, C Scheidegger, ...
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VisTrails: visualization meets data management
SP Callahan, J Freire, E Santos, CE Scheidegger, CT Silva, HT Vo
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A comparative study of fairness-enhancing interventions in machine learning
SA Friedler, C Scheidegger, S Venkatasubramanian, S Choudhary, ...
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The (im) possibility of fairness: Different value systems require different mechanisms for fair decision making
SA Friedler, C Scheidegger, S Venkatasubramanian
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Vistrails: Enabling interactive multiple-view visualizations
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Runaway feedback loops in predictive policing
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Problems with Shapley-value-based explanations as feature importance measures
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Managing rapidly-evolving scientific workflows
J Freire, CT Silva, SP Callahan, E Santos, CE Scheidegger, HT Vo
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Auditing black-box models for indirect influence
P Adler, C Falk, SA Friedler, T Nix, G Rybeck, C Scheidegger, B Smith, ...
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Nanocubes for real-time exploration of spatiotemporal datasets
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The first provenance challenge
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Multilevel agglomerative edge bundling for visualizing large graphs
ER Gansner, Y Hu, S North, C Scheidegger
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Managing the evolution of dataflows with vistrails
SP Callahan, J Freire, E Santos, CE Scheidegger, CT Silva, HT Vo
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Analogy based workflow identification
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Tackling the provenance challenge one layer at a time
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Querying and creating visualizations by analogy
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An algebraic process for visualization design
G Kindlmann, C Scheidegger
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SynMap2 and SynMap3D: web-based whole-genome synteny browsers
A Haug-Baltzell, SA Stephens, S Davey, CE Scheidegger, E Lyons
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Querying and re-using workflows with VisTrails
CE Scheidegger, HT Vo, D Koop, J Freire, CT Silva
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Hashedcubes: Simple, low memory, real-time visual exploration of big data
CAL Pahins, SA Stephens, C Scheidegger, JLD Comba
IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics 23 (1), 671-680, 2016
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