Astrid Veronig
Astrid Veronig
University of Graz, Chair of Solar and Heliospheric Physics
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An observational overview of solar flares
L Fletcher, BR Dennis, HS Hudson, S Krucker, K Phillips, A Veronig, ...
Space science reviews 159 (1-4), 19, 2011
Propagation of interplanetary coronal mass ejections: The drag-based model
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M Temmer, AM Veronig, B Vršnak, J Rybák, P Gömöry, S Stoiser, ...
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A coronal thick-target interpretation of two hard X-ray loop events
AM Veronig, JC Brown
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M Temmer, AM Veronig, EP Kontar, S Krucker, B Vršnak
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AM Veronig, N Muhr, IW Kienreich, M Temmer, B Vršnak
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Imaging coronal magnetic-field reconnection in a solar flare
Y Su, AM Veronig, GD Holman, BR Dennis, T Wang, M Temmer, W Gan
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Physics of the Neupert effect: Estimates of the effects of source energy, mass transport, and geometry using RHESSI and GOES data
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Hemispheric sunspot numbers and from 1945–2004: Catalogue and NS asymmetry analysis for solar cycles 18–23
M Temmer, J Rybák, P Bendík, A Veronig, F Vogler, W Otruba, W Pötzi, ...
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AM Veronig, M Temmer, B Vršnak
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Connecting speeds, directions and arrival times of 22 coronal mass ejections from the Sun to 1 AU
C Möstl, K Amla, JR Hall, PC Liewer, EM De Jong, RC Colaninno, ...
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X-ray sources and magnetic reconnection in the X3. 9 flare of 2003 November 3
AM Veronig, M Karlický, B Vršnak, M Temmer, J Magdalenić, BR Dennis, ...
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Investigation of the Neupert effect in solar flares-I. Statistical properties and the evaporation model
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Characteristics of kinematics of a coronal mass ejection during the 2010 August 1 CME–CME interaction event
M Temmer, B Vršnak, T Rollett, B Bein, CA de Koning, Y Liu, E Bosman, ...
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Coronal holes and solar wind high-speed streams: I. Forecasting the solar wind parameters
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STEREO quadrature observations of the three-dimensional structure and driver of a global coronal wave
IW Kienreich, M Temmer, AM Veronig
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 703 (2), L118, 2009
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