Farzad Liravi
Farzad Liravi
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Separation force analysis and prediction based on cohesive element model for constrained-surface Stereolithography processes
F Liravi, S Das, C Zhou
Computer-Aided Design 69, 134-142, 2015
Additive manufacturing of silicone structures: A review and prospective
F Liravi, E Toyserkani
Additive Manufacturing 24, 232-242, 2018
A hybrid additive manufacturing method for the fabrication of silicone bio-structures: 3D printing optimization and surface characterization
F Liravi, E Toyserkani
Materials & Design 138, 46-61, 2018
On the measurement of relative powder-bed compaction density in powder-bed additive manufacturing processes
U Ali, Y Mahmoodkhani, SI Shahabad, R Esmaeilizadeh, F Liravi, ...
Materials & Design 155, 495-501, 2018
Powder bed binder jetting additive manufacturing of silicone structures
F Liravi, M Vlasea
Additive Manufacturing 21, 112-124, 2018
Additive manufacturing of 3D structures with non-Newtonian highly viscous fluids: Finite element modeling and experimental validation
F Liravi, R Darleux, E Toyserkani
Additive Manufacturing 13, 113-123, 2017
2D printing of graphene: a review
E Jabari, F Ahmed, F Liravi, EB Secor, L Lin, E Toyserkani
2D Materials 6 (4), 042004, 2019
Drop-on-demand high-speed 3D printing of flexible milled carbon fiber/silicone composite sensors for wearable biomonitoring devices
E Davoodi, H Fayazfar, F Liravi, E Jabari, E Toyserkani
Additive Manufacturing 32, 101016, 2020
Nozzle dispensing additive manufacturing of polysiloxane: dimensional control
F Liravi, R Darleux, E Toyserkani
International Journal of Rapid Manufacturing 5 (1), 20-43, 2015
Separation force analysis based on cohesive delamination model for bottom-up stereolithography using finite element analysis
F Liravi, S Das, C Zhou
Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium 1, 1432-1451, 2014
Dynamic force analysis for bottom-up projection-based Additive Manufacturing using finite element analysis
F Liravi
State University of New York at Buffalo, 2014
High speed 3D material-jetting additive manufacturing of viscous graphene-based ink with high electrical conductivity
E Jabari, F Liravi, E Davoodi, L Lin, E Toyserkani
Additive Manufacturing 35, 101330, 2020
Determination of the most contributing laser powder bed fusion process parameters on the surface roughness quality of Hastelloy X components
Y Mahmoodkhani, U Ali, F Liravi, R Esmaeilizadeh, E Marzbanrad, ...
Glob. Power Propuls. Soc., Montreal, 1-8, 2018
High-speed material jetting additive manufacturing of silicone structures: mechanical characterization
F Liravi, M Salarian, C Dal Castel, L Simon, E Toyserkani
Progress in Additive Manufacturing 4 (4), 479-495, 2019
Graphene oxide humidity sensor built entirely by additive manufacturing approaches
F Ahmed, A Azhari, E Marzbanrad, F Liravi, U Ali, MA Pope, E Toyserkani
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 30 (9), 8980-8988, 2019
Additive manufacturing of high loading concentration zirconia using high-speed drop-on-demand material jetting
H Fayazfar, F Liravi, U Ali, E Toyserkani
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 109 (9), 2733 …, 2020
Data related to the experimental design for powder bed binder jetting additive manufacturing of silicone
F Liravi, M Vlasea
Data in brief 18, 1477, 2018
A hybrid method for additive manufacturing of silicone structures
F Liravi, V Jacob-John, A Toyserkani, M Vlasea
Proceedings of the solid freeform fabrication symposium, 2017
An effective statistical approach to determine the most contributing process parameters on the surface roughness quality of hastelloy X components made by laser powder-bed fusion
Y Mahmoodkhani, U Ali, F Liravi, R Esmaeilizadeh, E Marzbanrad, ...
International Congress on Applications of Lasers & Electro-Optics 2018 (1), P115, 2018
Additive Manufacturing of Soft Polysiloxane-based Bio-structures with Heterogeneous Properties
F Liravi
University of Waterloo, 2018
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