Prashanth Abraham Vanniamparambil, PhD
Prashanth Abraham Vanniamparambil, PhD
Research Associate
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Damage quantification in polymer composites using a hybrid NDT approach
J Cuadra, PA Vanniamparambil, K Hazeli, I Bartoli, A Kontsos
Composites Science and Technology 83, 11-21, 2013
In situ identification of twin-related bands near yielding in a magnesium alloy
K Hazeli, J Cuadra, PA Vanniamparambil, A Kontsos
Scripta Materialia 68 (1), 83-86, 2013
An integrated structural health monitoring approach for crack growth monitoring
PA Vanniamparambil, I Bartoli, K Hazeli, J Cuadra, E Schwartz, ...
Journal of intelligent material systems and structures 23 (14), 1563-1573, 2012
Identification of crack initiation in aluminum alloys using acoustic emission
PA Vanniamparambil, U Guclu, A Kontsos
Experimental Mechanics 55 (5), 837-850, 2015
Acoustic emission source modeling using a data-driven approach
J Cuadra, PA Vanniamparambil, D Servansky, I Bartoli, A Kontsos
Journal of Sound and Vibration 341, 222-236, 2015
A data fusion approach for progressive damage quantification in reinforced concrete masonry walls
PA Vanniamparambil, M Bolhassani, R Carmi, F Khan, I Bartoli, FL Moon, ...
Smart Materials and Structures 23 (1), 015007, 2013
In situ microscopic investigation to validate acoustic emission monitoring
B Wisner, M Cabal, PA Vanniamparambil, J Hochhalter, WP Leser, ...
Experimental Mechanics 55 (9), 1705-1715, 2015
Multi‐sensing NDT for damage assessment of concrete masonry walls
F Khan, S Rajaram, PA Vanniamparambil, M Bolhassani, A Hamid, ...
Structural Control and Health Monitoring 22 (3), 449-462, 2015
Novel optico‐acoustic nondestructive testing for wire break detection in cables
PA Vanniamparambil, F Khan, K Hazeli, J Cuadra, E Schwartz, A Kontsos, ...
Structural Control and Health Monitoring 20 (11), 1339-1350, 2013
Full‐field deformation measurements during seismic loading of masonry buildings
S Rajaram, PA Vanniamparambil, F Khan, M Bolhassani, A Koutras, ...
Structural Control and Health Monitoring 24 (4), e1903, 2017
An active–passive acoustics approach for bond-line condition monitoring in aerospace skin stiffener panels
PA Vanniamparambil, R Carmi, F Khan, J Cuadra, I Bartoli, A Kontsos
Aerospace Science and Technology 43, 289-300, 2015
Part qualification methodology for composite aircraft components using acoustic emission monitoring
S Esola, BJ Wisner, PA Vanniamparambil, J Geriguis, A Kontsos
Applied Sciences 8 (9), 1490, 2018
Integration of digital image correlation with acoustic emission
A Kontsos, I Bartoli, PA Vanniamparambil
US Patent 10,488,368, 2019
The use of digital image correlation for non-destructive and multi-scale damage quantification
E Schwartz, R Saralaya, J Cuadra, K Hazeli, PA Vanniamparambil, ...
Sensors and Smart Structures Technologies for Civil, Mechanical, and …, 2013
Using DIC to measure deformation fields of concrete masonry test specimens
PA Vanniamparambil, F Khan, E Schwartz, A Kontsos, I Bartoli, ...
Proceedings of the 12th Canadian Masonry Symposium, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2-5, 2013
Failure analysis and damage detection of partially grouted masonry walls by enhancing deformation measurement using DIC
M Bolhassani, AA Hamid, S Rajaram, PA Vanniamparambil, I Bartoli, ...
Engineering structures 134, 262-275, 2017
Acoustic emission and digital image correlation as complementary techniques for laboratory and field research
R Carmi, PA Vanniamparambil, J Cuadra, K Hazeli, S Rajaram, U Guclu, ...
Advances in acoustic emission technology, 605-622, 2015
Integrated health monitoring system for damage detection in civil structural components
F Khan, I Bartoli, PA Vanniamparambil, R Carmi, S Rajaram, A Kontsos
CRC Press, 2014
Hesperidin alleviates antitubercular drug induced oxidative stress, inflammation and apoptosis in rat liver
S Nathiya, S Rajaram, P Abraham
Int J Biomed Res 7 (7), 439-46, 2016
Acoustics and temperature based NDT for damage assessment of concrete masonry system subjected to cyclic loading
F Khan, I Bartoli, S Rajaram, PA Vanniamparambil, A Kontsos, ...
Nondestructive Characterization for Composite Materials, Aerospace …, 2014
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