Pak Lun Fung
Pak Lun Fung
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Intelligent calibration and virtual sensing for integrated low-cost air quality sensors
MA Zaidan, NH Motlagh, PL Fung, D Lu, H Timonen, J Kuula, JV Niemi, ...
IEEE Sensors Journal 20 (22), 13638-13652, 2020
Megasense: Feasibility of low-cost sensors for pollution hot-spot detection
E Lagerspetz, NH Motlagh, MA Zaidan, PL Fung, J Mineraud, S Varjonen, ...
2019 IEEE 17th International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN) 1 …, 2019
Spatiotemporal variation and trends in equivalent black carbon in the Helsinki metropolitan area in Finland
K Luoma, JV Niemi, M Aurela, PL Fung, A Helin, T Hussein, L Kangas, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 21 (2), 1173-1189, 2021
Input-adaptive proxy for black carbon as a virtual sensor
PL Fung, MA Zaidan, S Sillanpää, A Kousa, JV Niemi, H Timonen, J Kuula, ...
Sensors 20 (1), 182, 2020
Observations of ozone depletion events in a Finnish boreal forest
X Chen, LLJ Quéléver, PL Fung, J Kesti, MP Rissanen, J Bäck, P Keronen, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 18 (1), 49-63, 2018
Sensitivity Analysis for Predicting Sub-Micron Aerosol Concentrations Based on Meteorological Parameters
MA Zaidan, O Surakhi, PL Fung, T Hussein
Sensors 20 (10), 2876, 2020
Evaluation of white-box versus black-box machine learning models in estimating ambient black carbon concentration
PL Fung, MA Zaidan, H Timonen, JV Niemi, A Kousa, J Kuula, K Luoma, ...
Journal of Aerosol Science 152, 105694, 2021
Low-cost air quality sensing process: validation by indoor-outdoor measurements
NH Motlagh, MA Zaidan, PL Fung, X Li, Y Matsumi, T Petäjä, M Kulmala, ...
2020 15th IEEE Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications (ICIEA …, 2020
Transit pollution exposure monitoring using low-cost wearable sensors
NH Motlagh, MA Zaidan, PL Fung, E Lagerspetz, K Aula, S Varjonen, ...
Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 98, 102981, 2021
COVID-19 Pandemic Development in Jordan—Short-Term and Long-Term Forecasting
T Hussein, MH Hammad, PL Fung, M Al-Kloub, I Odeh, MA Zaidan, ...
Vaccines 9 (7), 728, 2021
Data imputation in in situ-measured particle size distributions by means of neural networks
PL Fung, MA Zaidan, O Surakhi, S Tarkoma, T Petäjä, T Hussein
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 2021
Added Value of Vaisala AQT530 Sensors as a Part of a Sensor Network for Comprehensive Air Quality Monitoring
T Petäjä, A Ovaska, PL Fung, P Poutanen, J Yli-Ojanpera, J Suikkola, ...
Frontiers in Environmental Science, 2021
Input-adaptive linear mixed-effects model for estimating alveolar Lung Deposited Surface Area (LDSA) using multipollutant datasets
PL Fung, MA Zaidan, JV Niemi, E Saukko, H Timonen, A Kousa, J Kuula, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, 1-33, 2021
City wide participatory sensing of air quality
A Rebeiro-Hargrave, PL Fung, S Varjonen, A Huertas, S Sillanpää, ...
Frontiers in Environmental Science, 587, 2021
Ozone deposition over a boreal lake by the eddy covariance method
PL Fung
Helsingin yliopisto, 2018
Air pollution exposure monitoring using portable low-cost air quality sensors
P Kortoçi, NH Motlagh, MA Zaidan, PL Fung, S Varjonen, ...
Smart health 23, 100241, 2022
Characterization and Application of Vaisala AQT530 Air Quality Sensors as a Part of a Comprehensive Sensor Network
J Yli-Ojanperä, T Petäjä, A Ovaska, PL Fung, P Poutanen, M Laakso, ...
102nd American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, 2022
Derivation of Black Carbon Proxies in an Integrated Urban Air Quality Monitoring Network
PL Fung
Helsingin yliopisto, 2022
Time-Lag Selection for Time-Series Forecasting Using Neural Network and Heuristic Algorithm
O Surakhi, MA Zaidan, PL Fung, N Hossein Motlagh, S Serhan, ...
Electronics 10 (20), 2518, 2021
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