Aleksi Reito
Aleksi Reito
Tampere University Hospital, Resident in Orthopedics and Traumatology, Adjunct professor
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The effect of national lockdown due to COVID-19 on emergency department visits
I Kuitunen, VT Ponkilainen, AP Launonen, A Reito, TP Hevonkorpi, ...
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Surveillance of patients with metal-on-metal hip resurfacing and total hip prostheses: a prospective cohort study to investigate the relationship between blood metal ion levels …
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Operative versus non-operative treatment for 2-part proximal humerus fracture: A multicenter randomized controlled trial
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Testing the proportional hazards assumption in cox regression and dealing with possible non-proportionality in total joint arthroplasty research: methodological perspectives …
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High prevalence of adverse reactions to metal debris in small-headed ASR™ hips
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Blood metal ion thresholds to identify patients with metal-on-metal hip implants at risk of adverse reactions to metal debris: an external multicenter validation study of …
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The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. American Volume 99 (18), 1532, 2017
Revision of metal-on-metal hip prostheses results in marked reduction of blood cobalt and chromium ion concentrations
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Repeated metal ion measurements in patients with high risk metal-on-metal hip replacement
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Prevalence of failure due to adverse reaction to metal debris in modern, medium and large diameter metal-on-metal hip replacements–the effect of novel screening methods …
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Outcome of Birmingham hip resurfacing at ten years: role of routine whole blood metal ion measurements in screening for pseudotumours
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Total hip arthroplasty, combined with a reinforcement ring and posterior column plating for acetabular fractures in elderly patients: good outcome in 34 patients
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Birmingham hip resurfacing: five to eight year results
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Risk factors for failed nonoperative treatment and rerupture in acute Achilles tendon rupture
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Foot & ankle international 39 (6), 694-703, 2018
Association between periprosthetic tissue metal content, whole blood and synovial fluid metal ion levels and histopathological findings in patients with failed metal-on-metal …
L Lehtovirta, A Reito, J Parkkinen, S Peräniemi, J Vepsäläinen, ...
PloS one 13 (5), e0197614, 2018
Translation and validation of the 12-item Oxford knee score for use in Finland
A Reito, A Järvistö, E Jämsen, E Skyttä, V Remes, H Huhtala, ...
BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 18 (1), 1-6, 2017
Mortality and comorbidity after non-operatively managed, low-energy pelvic fracture in patients over age 70: a comparison with an age-matched femoral neck fracture cohort and …
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High prevalence of noise following Delta ceramic-on-ceramic total hip arthroplasty
PP Salo, PB Honkanen, I Ivanova, A Reito, J Pajamäki, A Eskelinen
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Repeated magnetic resonance imaging in 154 hips with large-diameter metal-on-metal hip replacement
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Diagnostic utility of joint fluid metal ion measurement for histopathological findings in metal-on-metal hip replacements
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Severely injured patients do not disappear in a pandemic: Incidence and characteristics of severe injuries during COVID-19 lockdown in Finland
A Riuttanen, V Ponkilainen, I Kuitunen, A Reito, J Sirola, VM Mattila
Acta orthopaedica 92 (3), 249-253, 2021
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