Engin Kirda
Engin Kirda
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A survey on automated dynamic malware-analysis techniques and tools
M Egele, T Scholte, E Kirda, C Kruegel
ACM computing surveys (CSUR) 44 (2), 1-42, 2008
Limits of static analysis for malware detection
A Moser, C Kruegel, E Kirda
Twenty-third annual computer security applications conference (ACSAC 2007 …, 2007
Panorama: capturing system-wide information flow for malware detection and analysis
H Yin, D Song, M Egele, C Kruegel, E Kirda
Proceedings of the 14th ACM conference on Computer and communications …, 2007
Pixy: A static analysis tool for detecting web application vulnerabilities
N Jovanovic, C Kruegel, E Kirda
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Scalable, behavior-based malware clustering.
U Bayer, PM Comparetti, C Hlauschek, C Kruegel, E Kirda
NDSS 9, 8-11, 2009
EXPOSURE: Finding Malicious Domains Using Passive DNS Analysis.
L Bilge, E Kirda, C Kruegel, M Balduzzi
Ndss, 1-17, 2011
Exploring multiple execution paths for malware analysis
A Moser, C Kruegel, E Kirda
2007 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (SP'07), 231-245, 2007
All your contacts are belong to us: automated identity theft attacks on social networks
L Bilge, T Strufe, D Balzarotti, E Kirda
Proceedings of the 18th international conference on World wide web, 551-560, 2009
Cross site scripting prevention with dynamic data tainting and static analysis.
P Vogt, F Nentwich, N Jovanovic, E Kirda, C Kruegel, G Vigna
NDSS 2007, 12, 2007
Pios: Detecting privacy leaks in ios applications.
M Egele, C Kruegel, E Kirda, G Vigna
NDSS 2011, 18th, 2011
Effective and efficient malware detection at the end host.
C Kolbitsch, PM Comparetti, C Kruegel, E Kirda, X Zhou, XF Wang
USENIX security symposium 4 (1), 351-366, 2009
Cutting the gordian knot: A look under the hood of ransomware attacks
A Kharraz, W Robertson, D Balzarotti, L Bilge, E Kirda
Detection of Intrusions and Malware, and Vulnerability Assessment: 12th …, 2015
Polymorphic worm detection using structural information of executables
C Kruegel, E Kirda, D Mutz, W Robertson, G Vigna
Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection: 8th International Symposium, RAID …, 2006
{UNVEIL}: A {Large-Scale}, automated approach to detecting ransomware
A Kharaz, S Arshad, C Mulliner, W Robertson, E Kirda
25th USENIX security symposium (USENIX Security 16), 757-772, 2016
Saner: Composing static and dynamic analysis to validate sanitization in web applications
D Balzarotti, M Cova, V Felmetsger, N Jovanovic, E Kirda, C Kruegel, ...
2008 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (sp 2008), 387-401, 2008
Service specific anomaly detection for network intrusion detection
C Krügel, T Toth, E Kirda
Proceedings of the 2002 ACM symposium on Applied computing, 201-208, 2002
TTAnalyze: A tool for analyzing malware
U Bayer, C Kruegel, E Kirda
na, 2006
A practical attack to de-anonymize social network users
G Wondracek, T Holz, E Kirda, C Kruegel
2010 ieee symposium on security and privacy, 223-238, 2010
Noxes: a client-side solution for mitigating cross-site scripting attacks
E Kirda, C Kruegel, G Vigna, N Jovanovic
Proceedings of the 2006 ACM symposium on Applied computing, 330-337, 2006
Dynamic analysis of malicious code
U Bayer, A Moser, C Kruegel, E Kirda
Journal in Computer Virology 2, 67-77, 2006
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