Sakari Sarkkola
Sakari Sarkkola
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Trends in hydrometeorological conditions and stream water organic carbon in boreal forested catchments
S Sarkkola, H Koivusalo, A Laurén, P Kortelainen, T Mattsson, ...
Science of the Total Environment 408 (1), 92-101, 2009
Role of tree stand evapotranspiration in maintaining satisfactory drainage conditions in drained peatlands
S Sarkkola, H Hökkä, H Koivusalo, M Nieminen, E Ahti, J Päivänen, ...
Canadian Journal of Forest Research 40 (8), 1485-1496, 2010
Iron concentrations are increasing in surface waters from forested headwater catchments in eastern Finland
S Sarkkola, M Nieminen, H Koivusalo, A Laurén, P Kortelainen, ...
Science of the Total Environment 463, 683-689, 2013
Export of suspended solids and dissolved elements from peatland areas after ditch network maintenance in south-central Finland
M Nieminen, E Ahti, H Koivusalo, T Mattsson, S Sarkkola, A Laurén
Finnish Society of Forest Science, 2010
Nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations in discharge from drained peatland forests are increasing
M Nieminen, T Sallantaus, L Ukonmaanaho, TM Nieminen, S Sarkkola
Science of the Total Environment 609, 974-981, 2017
Lakkasuo: a guide to mire ecosystem.
J Laine, VM Komulainen, R Laiho, K Minkkinen, A Rasinmäki, ...
Lakkasuo: a guide to mire ecosystem., 2004
Stand structural dynamics on drained peatlands dominated by Scots pine
S Sarkkola, H Hökkä, R Laiho, J Päivänen, T Penttilä
Forest ecology and Management 206 (1-3), 135-152, 2005
Natural development of stand structure in peatland Scots pine following drainage: results based on long-term monitoring of permanent sample plots
S Sarkkola, H Hökkä, T Penttila
Finnish Society of Forest Science, 2004
Nitrogen retention by peatland buffer areas at six forested catchments in southern and central Finland
A Vikman, S Sarkkola, H Koivusalo, T Sallantaus, J Laine, N Silvan, ...
Hydrobiologia 641 (1), 171-183, 2010
Metsäisten valuma-alueiden vesistökuormituksen laskenta
L Finér, T Mattsson, S Joensuu, H Koivusalo, A Laurén, T Makkonen, ...
Suomen ympäristökeskus, 2010
Dissolved organic carbon export from harvested peatland forests with differing site characteristics
M Nieminen, M Koskinen, S Sarkkola, A Laurén, A Kaila, O Kiikkilä, ...
Water, Air, & Soil Pollution 226 (6), 1-12, 2015
Phosphorus export from drained Scots pine mires after clear-felling and bioenergy harvesting
A Kaila, S Sarkkola, A Laurén, L Ukonmaanaho, H Koivusalo, L Xiao, ...
Forest Ecology and Management 325, 99-107, 2014
Changes in structural inequality in Norway spruce stands on peatland sites after water-level drawdown
S Sarkkola, V Alenius, H Hökkä, R Laiho, J Päivänen, T Penttilä
Canadian Journal of Forest Research 33 (2), 222-231, 2003
Domination of growing-season evapotranspiration over runoff makes ditch network maintenance in mature peatland forests questionable.
S Sarkkola, M Nieminen, H Koivusalo, A Laurén, E Ahti, S Launiainen, ...
Mires & Peat 11, 2013
Depth of water table prior to ditch network maintenance is a key factor for tree growth response
S Sarkkola, H Hökkä, E Ahti, H Koivusalo, M Nieminen
Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research 27 (7), 649-658, 2012
Comparing regression estimation techiques when predicting diameter distribution of Scots pine on drained peatlands
J Siipilehto, S Sarkkola, L Mehtätalo
Finnish Society of Forest Science, 2007
Decomposition of harvest residue needles on peatlands drained for forestry–Implications for nutrient and heavy metal dynamics
A Kaila, S Sarkkola, L Xiao, A Laurén, H Vasander, M Nieminen
Forest Ecology and Management 277, 141-149, 2012
Implications of uncertainty in a pre-treatment dataset when estimating treatment effects in paired catchment studies: phosphorus loads from forest clear-cuts
A Laurén, J Heinonen, H Koivusalo, S Sarkkola, S Tattari, T Mattsson, ...
Water, Air, and Soil pollution 196 (1), 251-261, 2009
Restoration of nutrient-rich forestry-drained peatlands poses a risk for high exports of dissolved organic carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus
M Koskinen, T Tahvanainen, S Sarkkola, MW Menberu, A Laurén, ...
Science of the Total Environment 586, 858-869, 2017
A synthesis of the impacts of ditch network maintenance on the quantity and quality of runoff from drained boreal peatland forests
M Nieminen, M Palviainen, S Sarkkola, A Laurén, H Marttila, L Finér
Ambio 47 (5), 523-534, 2018
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