Christopher N. Watling
Christopher N. Watling
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Applying Stafford and Warr's reconceptualization of deterrence theory to drug driving: Can it predict those likely to offend?
CN Watling, GR Palk, JE Freeman, JD Davey
Accident Analysis & Prevention 42 (2), 452-458, 2010
From road distraction to safe driving: Evaluating the effects of boredom and gamification on driving behaviour, physiological arousal, and subjective experience
F Steinberger, R Schroeter, CN Watling
Computers in Human Behavior 75, 714-726, 2017
Continuing to drive while sleepy: The influence of sleepiness countermeasures, motivation for driving sleepy, and risk perception
CN Watling, KA Armstrong, PL Obst, SS Smith
Accident Analysis & Prevention 73, 262-268, 2014
Examining signs of driver sleepiness, usage of sleepiness countermeasures and the associations with sleepy driving behaviours and individual factors
CN Watling, KA Armstrong, I Radun
Accident analysis & prevention 85, 22-29, 2015
The edge of glory: the relationship between metacritic scores and player experience
D Johnson, C Watling, J Gardner, LE Nacke
Proceedings of the first ACM SIGCHI annual symposium on Computer-human …, 2014
Self-reported circumstances and consequences of driving while sleepy
I Radun, J Radun, M Wahde, CN Watling, G Kecklund
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Efficacy of proxy definitions for identification of fatigue/sleep-related crashes: An Australian evaluation
K Armstrong, AJ Filtness, CN Watling, P Barraclough, N Haworth
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Cooperative game play with avatars and agents: Differences in brain activity and the experience of play
D Johnson, P Wyeth, M Clark, C Watling
Proceedings of the 33rd annual ACM conference on human factors in computing …, 2015
Sleepy driving and pulling over for a rest: Investigating individual factors that contribute to these driving behaviours
CN Watling
Personality and individual differences 56, 105-110, 2014
Stop and revive? The effectiveness of nap and active rest breaks for reducing driver sleepiness
CN Watling, SS Smith, MS Horswill
Psychophysiology 51 (11), 1131-1138, 2014
Exploring perceived legitimacy of traffic law enforcement
CN Watling, NL Leal
Greater rewards in videogames lead to more presence, enjoyment and effort
D Johnson, M Klarkowski, K Vella, C Phillips, M McEwan, CN Watling
Computers in Human Behavior 87, 66-74, 2018
Deterrence of drug driving: The impact of the ACT drug driving legislation and detection techniques
KA Armstrong, CN Watling, JD Davey
Transportation research part F: traffic psychology and behaviour 54, 138-147, 2018
Is it safe to cross? Identification of trains and their approach speed at level crossings
GS Larue, AJ Filtness, JM Wood, S Demmel, CN Watling, A Naweed, ...
Safety science 103, 33-42, 2018
Crash risk perception of sleepy driving and its comparisons with drink driving and speeding: which behavior is perceived as the riskiest?
CN Watling, KA Armstrong, SS Smith, PL Obst
Traffic injury prevention 17 (4), 400-405, 2016
What aspects of demographic, personality, attitudes and perceptions of law enforcement influence self-reported likelihood of drink driving?
JE MacKenzie, CN Watling, NL Leal
Journal of Risk Research 18 (9), 1203-1219, 2015
Sleepiness: How a biological drive can influence other risky road user behaviours
CN Watling, KA Armstrong, SS Smith
Proceedings of the 2013 Australasian College of Road Safety (ACRS) National …, 2013
Exploring the theoretical underpinnings of driving whilst influenced by illicit substances
CN Watling, J Freeman
Transportation research part F: traffic psychology and behaviour 14 (6), 567-578, 2011
The on-road experiences and awareness of sleepiness in a sample of Australian highway drivers: A roadside driver sleepiness study
CN Watling, KA Armstrong, SS Smith, A Wilson
Traffic injury prevention 17 (1), 24-30, 2016
Do repeated rumble strip hits improve driver alertness?
CN Watling, T Åkerstedt, G Kecklund, A Anund
Journal of Sleep Research 25 (2), 241-247, 2016
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