Emma Kowal
Emma Kowal
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The politics of the gap: Indigenous Australians, liberal multiculturalism, and the end of the self‐determination era
E Kowal
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Understanding the complexities of ethnic-racial socialization processes for both minority and majority groups: A 30-year systematic review
N Priest, J Walton, F White, E Kowal, A Baker, Y Paradies
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Indigenous cultural training for health workers in Australia
R Downing, E Kowal, Y Paradies
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Trapped in the gap: Doing good in Indigenous Australia
E Kowal
Berghahn Books, 2015
Aboriginal mitogenomes reveal 50,000 years of regionalism in Australia
R Tobler, A Rohrlach, J Soubrier, P Bover, B Llamas, J Tuke, N Bean, ...
Nature 544 (7649), 180-184, 2017
Ambivalent helpers and unhealthy choices: public health practitioners’ narratives of Indigenous ill-health
E Kowal, Y Paradies
Social science & medicine 60 (6), 1347-1357, 2005
A postcolonial analysis of Indigenous cultural awareness training for health workers
R Downing, E Kowal
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The stigma of white privilege: Australian anti-racists and Indigenous improvement
E Kowal
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Talking culture? Egalitarianism, color-blindness and racism in Australian elementary schools
J Walton, N Priest, E Kowal, F White, K Brickwood, B Fox, Y Paradies
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Indigenous body parts, mutating temporalities, and the half-lives of postcolonial technoscience
E Kowal, J Radin, J Reardon
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Reflexive antiracism: a novel approach to diversity training
E Kowal, H Franklin, Y Paradies
Ethnicities 13 (3), 316-337, 2013
Orphan DNA: Indigenous samples, ethical biovalue and postcolonial science
E Kowal
Social Studies of Science 43 (4), 577-597, 2013
Measuring emotional and social wellbeing in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations: an analysis of a Negative Life Events Scale
E Kowal, W Gunthorpe, RS Bailie
International journal for equity in health 6 (1), 18, 2007
Indigenous Australian students' participation rates in higher education: Exploring the role of universities
E Pechenkina, E Kowal, Y Paradies
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Moving beyond good intentions: Indigenous participation in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health research
E Kowal, I Anderson, R Bailie
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Welcome to country: Acknowledgement, belonging and white anti-racism
E Kowal
Cultural Studies Review 21 (2), 173, 2015
‘You are not born being racist, are you?’Discussing racism with primary aged-children
N Priest, J Walton, F White, E Kowal, B Fox, Y Paradies
Race Ethnicity and Education 19 (4), 808-834, 2016
Stigma and suffering: white anti-racist identities in northern Australia
E Kowal
Postcolonial Studies 15 (1), 5-21, 2012
Indigenous biospecimen collections and the cryopolitics of frozen life
E Kowal, J Radin
Journal of Sociology 51 (1), 63-80, 2015
The proximate advocate: improving indigenous health on the postcolonial frontier
EE Kowal
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