Duncan Brumby
Duncan Brumby
Professor of Human-Computer Interaction, University College London
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History and future of human-automation interaction
CP Janssen, SF Donker, DP Brumby, AL Kun
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Recovering from an interruption: Investigating speed− accuracy trade-offs in task resumption behavior.
DP Brumby, AL Cox, J Back, SJJ Gould
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Focus on driving: How cognitive constraints shape the adaptation of strategy when dialing while driving
DP Brumby, DD Salvucci, A Howes
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iPod distraction: Effects of portable music-player use on driver performance
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CP Janssen, DP Brumby
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Natural break points: The influence of priorities and cognitive and motor cues on dual-task interleaving
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Integrating knowledge of multitasking and interruptions across different perspectives and research methods
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Model of visual search and selection time in linear menus
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Interrupted by a phone call: exploring designs for lowering the impact of call notifications for smartphone users
M Böhmer, C Lander, S Gehring, DP Brumby, A Krüger
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Strategies for guiding interactive search: An empirical investigation into the consequences of label relevance for assessment and selection
DP Brumby, A Howes
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Smart Citizen Sentiment Dashboard: A Case Study Into Media Architectural Interfaces
M Behrens, N Valkanova, A Fatah gen. Schieck, DP Brumby
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Development of a questionnaire to measure immersion in video media: The Film IEQ
JM Rigby, DP Brumby, SJJ Gould, AL Cox
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Good enough but I'll just check: Web-page search as attentional refocusing.
DP Brumby, A Howes
ICCM, 46-51, 2004
Monotasking or multitasking: Designing for crowdworkers' preferences
L Lascau, SJJ Gould, AL Cox, E Karmannaya, DP Brumby
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Watching movies on netflix: investigating the effect of screen size on viewer immersion
JM Rigby, DP Brumby, AL Cox, SJJ Gould
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Diminished control in crowdsourcing: An investigation of crowdworker multitasking behavior
SJJ Gould, AL Cox, DP Brumby
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Fast or safe? How performance objectives determine modality output choices while interacting on the move
DP Brumby, SCE Davies, CP Janssen, JJ Grace
Proceedings of the SIGCHI conference on human factors in computing systems …, 2011
Exemplar similarity and rule application
U Hahn, M Prat-Sala, EM Pothos, DP Brumby
Cognition 114 (1), 1-18, 2010
Does data visualization affect users’ understanding of electricity consumption?
MR Herrmann, DP Brumby, T Oreszczyn, XMP Gilbert
Building Research & Information 46 (3), 238-250, 2018
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