Ellery Ingall
Ellery Ingall
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Sedimentary Corg: P ratios, paleocean ventilation, and Phanerozoic atmospheric pO2
TJ Algeo, E Ingall
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E Ingall, R Jahnke
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ED Ingall, RM Bustin, P Van Cappellen
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Total organic carbon, organic phosphorus, and biogenic barium fluxes as proxies for paleomarine productivity
SD Schoepfer, J Shen, H Wei, RV Tyson, E Ingall, TJ Algeo
Earth-Science Reviews 149, 23-52, 2015
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P Van Cappellen, ED Ingall
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Marine phosphorus is selectively remineralized
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Composition and cycling of marine organic phosphorus
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E Ingall, R Jahnke
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Relation between sedimentation rate and burial of organic phosphorus and organic carbon in marine sediments
ED Ingall, P Van Cappellen
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J Diaz, E Ingall, C Benitez-Nelson, D Paterson, MD de Jonge, I McNulty, ...
Science 320 (5876), 652-655, 2008
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SE Calvert, RM Bustin, ED Ingall
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Polyphosphates as a source of enhanced P fluxes in marine sediments overlain by anoxic waters: Evidence from 31P NMR
P Sannigrahi, E Ingall
Geochemical Transactions 6, 1-8, 2005
Characterization of water-soluble organic carbon in urban atmospheric aerosols using solid-state 13C NMR spectroscopy
P Sannigrahi, AP Sullivan, RJ Weber, ED Ingall
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LL Clark, ED Ingall, R Benner
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Phosphorus K-edge XANES spectroscopy of mineral standards
ED Ingall, JA Brandes, JM Diaz, MD de Jonge, D Paterson, I McNulty, ...
Journal of synchrotron radiation 18 (2), 189-197, 2011
Biogeochemical cycles of manganese and iron at the oxic− anoxic transition of a stratified marine basin (Orca Basin, Gulf of Mexico)
P Van Cappellen, E Viollier, A Roychoudhury, L Clark, E Ingall, K Lowe, ...
Environmental science & technology 32 (19), 2931-2939, 1998
Anomalous enrichments of iron monosulfide in euxinic marine sediments and the role of H 2 S in iron sulfide transformations; examples from Effingham Inlet, Orca Basin, and the …
MT Hurtgen, TW Lyons, ED Ingall, AM Cruse
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Marine dissolved organic phosphorus composition: insights from samples recovered using combined electrodialysis/reverse osmosis
CL Young, ED Ingall
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Iron solubility related to particle sulfur content in source emission and ambient fine particles
M Oakes, ED Ingall, B Lai, MM Shafer, MD Hays, ZG Liu, AG Russell, ...
Environmental science & technology 46 (12), 6637-6644, 2012
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