Kevin McNally
Kevin McNally
Associate Principal Scientist at Certara
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A workflow for global sensitivity analysis of PBPK models
K McNally, R Cotton, GD Loizou
Frontiers in pharmacology 2, 31, 2011
Advanced REACH Tool (ART): overview of version 1.0 and research needs
E Tielemans, N Warren, W Fransman, M Van Tongeren, K Mcnally, ...
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PopGen: A virtual human population generator
K McNally, R Cotton, A Hogg, G Loizou
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Advanced REACH Tool: a Bayesian model for occupational exposure assessment
K McNally, N Warren, W Fransman, RK Entink, J Schinkel, ...
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Reconstruction of Exposure to m-Xylene from Human Biomonitoring Data Using PBPK Modelling, Bayesian Inference, and Markov Chain Monte Carlo Simulation
K McNally, R Cotton, J Cocker, K Jones, M Bartels, D Rick, P Price, ...
Journal of Toxicology 2012, 2012
Quantitative global sensitivity analysis of a biologically based dose-response pregnancy model for the thyroid endocrine system
A Lumen, K McNally, N George, JW Fisher, GD Loizou
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A Survey of Occupational Exposure to 4, 4′-methylene-bis (2-chloroaniline)(MbOCA) in the UK
J Cocker, JR Cain, P Baldwin, K McNally, K Jones
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A Computational Workflow for Probabilistic Quantitative in Vitro to in Vivo Extrapolation
K McNally, A Hogg, G Loizou
Frontiers in pharmacology 9, 508, 2018
A follow up study of occupational exposure to 4, 4′-methylene-bis (2-chloroaniline)(MbOCA) and isocyanates in polyurethane manufacture in the UK
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Methodology for global sensitivity analysis of consequence models
SE Gant, A Kelsey, K McNally, HWM Witlox, M Bilio
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Evidence for non-linear metabolism at low benzene exposures? A reanalysis of data
K McNally, C Sams, GD Loizou, K Jones
Chemico-biological interactions 278, 256-268, 2017
Calibration of the Dermal Advanced REACH Tool (dART) Mechanistic Model
K McNally, JP Gorce, HA Goede, J Schinkel, N Warren
Annals of work exposures and health 63 (6), 637-650, 2019
Dermal Advanced REACH Tool (dART)—Development of a Dermal Exposure Model for Low-Volatile Liquids
HA Goede, K McNally, JP Gorce, H Marquart, ND Warren, W Fransman, ...
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Reprint of PopGen: A virtual human population generator
K McNally, R Cotton, A Hogg, G Loizou
Toxicology 332, 77-93, 2015
Calibration of dimensional change in finite element models using AGR moderator brick measurements
K McNally, G Hall, E Tan, BJ Marsden, N Warren
Journal of Nuclear Materials 451 (1-3), 179-188, 2014
Application of global sensitivity analysis to FDS simulations of large LNG fire plumes
A Kelsey, S Gant, K McNally, S Betteridge
Institution of Chemical Engineers Symposium Series 159, 283-293, 2014
A numerical study of internal brick stresses in AGR moderator bricks
K McNally, M Fahad, E Tan, N Warren, GN Hall, BJ Marsden
Nuclear Engineering and Design 309, 277-293, 2016
A probabilistic model of human variability in physiology for future application to dose reconstruction and QIVIVE
K McNally, GD Loizou
Frontiers in pharmacology 6, 213, 2015
The application of global sensitivity analysis in the development of a physiologically based pharmacokinetic model for m-xylene and ethanol co-exposure in humans
GD Loizou, K McNally, K Jones, J Cocker
Frontiers in pharmacology 6, 135, 2015
Development, Testing, Parameterization, and Calibration of a Human Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Model for the Plasticizer, Hexamoll® Diisononyl-Cyclohexane-1, 2 …
K McNally, C Sams, G Loizou
Frontiers in pharmacology 10, 1394, 2019
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