Adam Gibson
Adam Gibson
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Recent advances in diffuse optical imaging
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Diffuse optical imaging
A Gibson, H Dehghani
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CB Reid, A Fitzgerald, G Reese, R Goldin, P Tekkis, PS O’Kelly, ...
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T Yates, JC Hebden, A Gibson, N Everdell, SR Arridge, M Douek
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CB Reid, E Pickwell-MacPherson, JG Laufer, AP Gibson, JC Hebden, ...
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Three dimensional optical imaging of blood volume and oxygenation in the neonatal brain
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Computational aspects of diffuse optical tomography
M Schweiger, A Gibson, SR Arridge
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Imaging Cerenkov emission as a quality assurance tool in electron radiotherapy
Y Helo, I Rosenberg, D D’Souza, L MacDonald, R Speller, G Royle, ...
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AT Tidswell, A Gibson, RH Bayford, DS Holder
Physiological measurement 22 (1), 167, 2001
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