Rami Vainio
Rami Vainio
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CME Theory and Models: Report of Working Group D
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R Vainio, R Schlickeiser
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JJP Virtanen, R Vainio
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L Kocharov, R Vainio, GA Kovaltsov, J Torsti
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The first SEPServer event catalogue~ 68-MeV solar proton events observed at 1 AU in 1996–2010
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Aalto-1 nanosatellite–technical description and mission objectives
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Monte Carlo simulations of coronal diffusive shock acceleration in self-generated turbulence
R Vainio, T Laitinen
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Investigating Mercury’s environment with the two-spacecraft BepiColombo mission
A Milillo, M Fujimoto, G Murakami, J Benkhoff, J Zender, S Aizawa, ...
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Deriving the properties of coronal pressure fronts in 3D: application to the 2012 May 17 ground level enhancement
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Two solar proton fluence models based on ground level enhancement observations
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Solar energetic particle event onset as analyzed from simulated data
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Properties of iron primary cosmic rays: results from the alpha magnetic spectrometer
M Aguilar, LA Cavasonza, MS Allen, B Alpat, G Ambrosi, L Arruda, N Attig, ...
Physical review letters 126 (4), 041104, 2021
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