Panu Välimäki
Panu Välimäki
University of Oulu, Department of Biology
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Migration of the clouded Apollo butterfly Parnassius mnemosyne in a network of suitable habitats – effects of patch characteristics
P Välimäki, J Itämies
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S Rytkönen, EJ Vesterinen, C Westerduin, T Leviäkangas, E Vatka, ...
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Fennoscandian distribution of an important parasite of cervids, the deer ked (Lipoptena cervi), revisited
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Seasonality maintains alternative life‐history phenotypes
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Geographical variation in host use of a blood-feeding ectoparasitic fly: implications for population invasiveness
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Life history tradeoffs in relation to the degree of polyandry and developmental pathway in Pieris napi (Lepidoptera, Pieridae)
P Välimäki, A Kaitala
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The value of open power line habitat in conservation of ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) associated with mires
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Temporal patterns in reproduction may explain variationin mating frequencies in the green-veined white butterfly Pieris napi
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SM Kivelä, P Välimäki, K Gotthard
Ecology and Evolution 6 (16), 5596-5613, 2016
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