Paul Bentley
Paul Bentley
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Gan augmentation: Augmenting training data using generative adversarial networks
C Bowles, L Chen, R Guerrero, P Bentley, R Gunn, A Hammers, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1810.10863, 2018
Self-supervised learning for medical image analysis using image context restoration
L Chen, P Bentley, K Mori, K Misawa, M Fujiwara, D Rueckert
Medical image analysis 58, 101539, 2019
ISLES 2015-A public evaluation benchmark for ischemic stroke lesion segmentation from multispectral MRI
O Maier, BH Menze, J Von der Gablentz, L Häni, MP Heinrich, M Liebrand, ...
Medical image analysis 35, 250-269, 2017
Fully automatic acute ischemic lesion segmentation in DWI using convolutional neural networks
L Chen, P Bentley, D Rueckert
NeuroImage: Clinical 15, 633-643, 2017
DRINet for medical image segmentation
L Chen, P Bentley, K Mori, K Misawa, M Fujiwara, D Rueckert
IEEE transactions on medical imaging 37 (11), 2453-2462, 2018
Effects of cholinergic enhancement on visual stimulation, spatial attention, and spatial working memory
P Bentley, M Husain, RJ Dolan
Neuron 41 (6), 969-982, 2004
Cholinergic modulation of cognition: insights from human pharmacological functional neuroimaging
P Bentley, J Driver, RJ Dolan
Progress in neurobiology 94 (4), 360-388, 2011
Prediction of stroke thrombolysis outcome using CT brain machine learning
P Bentley, J Ganesalingam, ALC Jones, K Mahady, S Epton, P Rinne, ...
NeuroImage: Clinical 4, 635-640, 2014
Cholinergic enhancement modulates neural correlates of selective attention and emotional processing
P Bentley, P Vuilleumier, CM Thiel, J Driver, RJ Dolan
Neuroimage 20 (1), 58-70, 2003
Towards the identification of blood biomarkers for acute stroke in humans: a comprehensive systematic review
N Hasan, P McColgan, P Bentley, RJ Edwards, P Sharma
British journal of clinical pharmacology 74 (2), 230-240, 2012
Intra-arterial immunoselected CD34+ stem cells for acute ischemic stroke
S Banerjee, P Bentley, M Hamady, S Marley, J Davis, A Shlebak, ...
Stem cells translational medicine 3 (11), 1322-1330, 2014
Thalamic control of human attention driven by memory and learning
J de Bourbon-Teles, P Bentley, S Koshino, K Shah, A Dutta, P Malhotra, ...
Current biology 24 (9), 993-999, 2014
Cholinesterase inhibition modulates visual and attentional brain responses in Alzheimer's disease and health
P Bentley, J Driver, RJ Dolan
Brain 131 (2), 409-424, 2008
Causal relationship of susceptibility genes to ischemic stroke: comparison to ischemic heart disease and biochemical determinants
P Bentley, G Peck, L Smeeth, J Whittaker, P Sharma
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Genes associated with adult cerebral venous thrombosis
T Marjot, S Yadav, N Hasan, P Bentley, P Sharma
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Effects of attention and emotion on repetition priming and their modulation by cholinergic enhancement
P Bentley, P Vuilleumier, CM Thiel, J Driver, RJ Dolan
Journal of Neurophysiology 90 (2), 1171-1181, 2003
Quantifying the risk of heart disease following acute ischaemic stroke: a meta-analysis of over 50 000 participants
T Gunnoo, N Hasan, MS Khan, J Slark, P Bentley, P Sharma
BMJ open 6 (1), e009535, 2016
Stroke Genetics Network (SiGN) study: design and rationale for a genome-wide association study of ischemic stroke subtypes
JF Meschia, DK Arnett, H Ay, RD Brown Jr, OR Benavente, JW Cole, ...
Stroke 44 (10), 2694-2702, 2013
Motor dexterity and strength depend upon integrity of the attention-control system
P Rinne, M Hassan, C Fernandes, E Han, E Hennessy, A Waldman, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (3), E536-E545, 2018
Deep learning for robust decomposition of high-density surface EMG signals
AK Clarke, SF Atashzar, A Del Vecchio, D Barsakcioglu, S Muceli, ...
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 68 (2), 526-534, 2020
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