Giorgio Turchetti
Giorgio Turchetti
Professor of Mathematical Physics
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The nucleon-nucleon interaction
GE Brown, AD Jackson
SPARC_LAB present and future
M Ferrario, D Alesini, M Anania, A Bacci, M Bellaveglia, O Bogdanov, ...
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A normal form approach to the theory of nonlinear betatronic motion
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: A High-Accuracy PIC Code for the Maxwell–Vlasov Equations
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Normal forms for Hamiltonian maps and nonlinear effects in a particle accelerator
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Numerical convergence of the block-maxima approach to the generalized extreme value distribution
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Nekhoroshev estimate for isochronous non resonant symplectic maps
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Instrumentation for diagnostics and control of laser-accelerated proton (ion) beams
PR Bolton, M Borghesi, C Brenner, DC Carroll, C De Martinis, F Fiorini, ...
Physica Medica 30 (3), 255-270, 2014
Generalized dimensions, entropies, and Liapunov exponents from the pressure function for strange sets
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Resonant normal forms, interpolating Hamiltonians and stability analysis of area preserving maps
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Summation methods for the perturbation series of the generalized anharmonic oscillator
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Diffusion and memory effects for stochastic processes and fractional Langevin equations
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Charge preserving high order PIC schemes
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On the singularities of divergent majorant series arising from normal form theory
D Bessis, S Marmi, G Turchetti
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Resonances and asymptotic behavior of Birkhoff series
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Extreme value statistics for dynamical systems with noise
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A chronotopic model of mobility in urban spaces
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Nonlinear Problems In Future Particle Accelerators-Proceedings Of The Workshop
G Turchetti, W Scandale
World Scientific, 1991
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