Leena Kopperoinen
Leena Kopperoinen
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Using the ecosystem services approach for better planning and conservation of urban green spaces: a Finland case study
J Niemelä, SR Saarela, T Söderman, L Kopperoinen, V Yli-Pelkonen, ...
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Mapping cultural ecosystem services: A framework to assess the potential for outdoor recreation across the EU
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Using expert knowledge in combining green infrastructure and ecosystem services in land use planning: an insight into a new place-based methodology
L Kopperoinen, P Itkonen, J Niemelä
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A spatial assessment of ecosystem services in Europe: methods, case studies and policy analysis-phase 1
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Learning and the transformative potential of citizen science
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S Jacobs, B Martín-López, DN Barton, R Dunford, PA Harrison, ...
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Stakeholders’ perspectives on the operationalisation of the ecosystem service concept: Results from 27 case studies
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Integrating methods for ecosystem service assessment: Experiences from real world situations
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Knowledge needs for the operationalisation of the concept of ecosystem services
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Ecosystem services criteria for sustainable development in urban regions
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Valuing recreational ecosystem service flow in Finland
T Lankia, L Kopperoinen, E Pouta, M Neuvonen
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Integrating green infrastructure and ecosystem services in land use planning. Results from two Finnish case studies
M Di Marino, M Tiitu, K Lapintie, A Viinikka, L Kopperoinen
Land Use Policy 82, 643-656, 2019
The contribution of travel-related urban zones, cycling and pedestrian networks and green space to commuting physical activity among adults–a cross-sectional population-based …
TE Mäki-Opas, K Borodulin, H Valkeinen, S Stenholm, AE Kunst, T Abel, ...
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The ecosystem services concept: a new Esperanto to facilitate participatory planning processes?
M Spyra, J Kleemann, NI Cetin, CJV Navarrete, C Albert, ...
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Multiscale socio-ecological networks in the age of information
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Mapping and assessing ecosystem services in the EU-Lessons learned from the ESMERALDA approach of integration
B Burkhard, J Maes, M Potschin-Young, F Santos-Martín, D Geneletti, ...
One Ecosystem 3, 2018
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