George C. Banks
George C. Banks
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Promoting an open research culture
BA Nosek, G Alter, GC Banks, D Borsboom, SD Bowman, SJ Breckler, ...
Science 348 (6242), 1422-1425, 2015
A meta-analysis of the Dark Triad and work behavior: a social exchange perspective.
DR Forsyth, GC Banks, MA McDaniel
Journal of applied psychology 97 (3), 557, 2012
A meta-analytic review of authentic and transformational leadership: A test for redundancy
GC Banks, KD McCauley, WL Gardner, CE Guler
The leadership quarterly 27 (4), 634-652, 2016
Antecedents and consequences of employee organizational cynicism: A meta-analysis
DS Chiaburu, AC Peng, IS Oh, GC Banks, LC Lomeli
Journal of vocational behavior 83 (2), 181-197, 2013
Publication bias in the organizational sciences
S Kepes, GC Banks, M McDaniel, DL Whetzel
Organizational Research Methods 15 (4), 624-662, 2012
What does team–member exchange bring to the party? A meta‐analytic review of team and leader social exchange
GC Banks, JH Batchelor, A Seers, EH O'Boyle Jr, JM Pollack, K Gower
Journal of Organizational Behavior 35 (2), 273-295, 2014
A meta‐analytic test of redundancy and relative importance of the dark triad and five‐factor model of personality
EH O'Boyle, DR Forsyth, GC Banks, PA Story, CD White
Journal of personality 83 (6), 644-664, 2015
Data availability, reusability, and analytic reproducibility: evaluating the impact of a mandatory open data policy at the journal Cognition
TE Hardwicke, MB Mathur, K MacDonald, G Nilsonne, GC Banks, ...
Royal Society open science 5 (8), 180448, 2018
The chrysalis effect: How ugly initial results metamorphosize into beautiful articles
EH O’Boyle Jr, GC Banks, E Gonzalez-Mulé
Journal of Management 43 (2), 376-399, 2017
Scale adaptation in organizational science research: A review and best-practice recommendations
ED Heggestad, DJ Scheaf, GC Banks, M Monroe Hausfeld, S Tonidandel, ...
Journal of Management 45 (6), 2596-2627, 2019
Construct redundancy in leader behaviors: A review and agenda for the future
GC Banks, J Gooty, RL Ross, CE Williams, NT Harrington
The leadership quarterly 29 (1), 236-251, 2018
Management’s science–practice gap: A grand challenge for all stakeholders
GC Banks, JM Pollack, JE Bochantin, BL Kirkman, CE Whelpley, ...
Academy of Management Journal 59 (6), 2205-2231, 2016
A meta-analytic review and future research agenda of charismatic leadership
GC Banks, KN Engemann, CE Williams, J Gooty, KD McCauley, ...
The Leadership Quarterly 28 (4), 508-529, 2017
Questions about questionable research practices in the field of management: A guest commentary
GC Banks, EH O’Boyle Jr, JM Pollack, CD White, JH Batchelor, ...
Journal of Management 42 (1), 5-20, 2016
Evidence on questionable research practices: The good, the bad, and the ugly
GC Banks, SG Rogelberg, HM Woznyj, RS Landis, DE Rupp
Journal of Business and Psychology 31, 323-338, 2016
Meta-analytic reviews in the organizational sciences: Two meta-analytic schools on the way to MARS (the Meta-Analytic Reporting Standards)
S Kepes, MA McDaniel, MT Brannick, GC Banks
Journal of Business and Psychology 28, 123-143, 2013
Answers to 18 questions about open science practices
GC Banks, JG Field, FL Oswald, EH O’Boyle, RS Landis, DE Rupp, ...
Journal of Business and Psychology 34, 257-270, 2019
Ethical leadership: Mapping the terrain for concept cleanup and a future research agenda
GC Banks, T Fischer, J Gooty, G Stock
The Leadership Quarterly 32 (2), 101471, 2021
& Yarkoni, T.(2015). Promoting an open research culture
BA Nosek, G Alter, GC Banks, D Borsboom, SD Bowman, SJ Breckler, ...
Science 348 (6242), 1422-1425, 0
A review of best practice recommendations for text analysis in R (and a user-friendly app)
GC Banks, HM Woznyj, RS Wesslen, RL Ross
Journal of Business and Psychology 33, 445-459, 2018
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