Liisa Korkalo
Liisa Korkalo
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Like parent, like child? Dietary resemblance in families
H Vepsäläinen, J Nevalainen, M Fogelholm, L Korkalo, E Roos, C Ray, ...
International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity 15, 1-11, 2018
Global, regional, and national consumption of animal-source foods between 1990 and 2018: findings from the Global Dietary Database
V Miller, J Reedy, F Cudhea, J Zhang, P Shi, J Erndt-Marino, J Coates, ...
The Lancet Planetary Health 6 (3), e243-e256, 2022
Vegan diet in young children remodels metabolism and challenges the statuses of essential nutrients
T Hovinen, L Korkalo, R Freese, E Skaffari, P Isohanni, M Niemi, ...
EMBO molecular medicine 13 (2), e13492, 2021
Increased health and wellbeing in preschools (DAGIS) study—differences in children’s energy balance-related behaviors (EBRBs) and in long-term stress by parental educational level
E Lehto, C Ray, H Vepsäläinen, L Korkalo, R Lehto, R Kaukonen, ...
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Inventory on the dietary assessment tools available and needed in Africa: a prerequisite for setting up a common methodological research infrastructure for nutritional …
PT Pisa, E Landais, B Margetts, HH Vorster, CM Friedenreich, ...
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Incorporation of novel foods in European diets can reduce global warming potential, water use and land use by over 80%
R Mazac, J Meinilä, L Korkalo, N Järviö, M Jalava, HL Tuomisto
Nature food 3 (4), 286-293, 2022
The contribution of preschool meals to the diet of Finnish preschoolers
L Korkalo, K Nissinen, E Skaffari, H Vepsäläinen, R Lehto, R Kaukonen, ...
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Dietary patterns and their associations with home food availability among Finnish pre-school children: A cross-sectional study
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Food photographs in portion size estimation among adolescent Mozambican girls
L Korkalo, M Erkkola, L Fidalgo, J Nevalainen, M Mutanen
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Parents’ reports of preschoolers’ diets: relative validity of a food frequency questionnaire and dietary patterns
L Korkalo, H Vepsäläinen, C Ray, E Skaffari, R Lehto, HH Hauta-Alus, ...
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Accuracy in the estimation of children's food portion sizes against a food picture book by parents and early educators
K Nissinen, L Korkalo, H Vepsäläinen, P Mäkiranta, L Koivusilta, E Roos, ...
Journal of nutritional science 7, e35, 2018
Associations of dietary diversity scores and micronutrient status in adolescent Mozambican girls
L Korkalo, M Erkkola, AE Heinonen, R Freese, K Selvester, M Mutanen
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A cross-sectional study of children's temperament, food consumption and the role of food-related parenting practices
R Kaukonen, E Lehto, C Ray, H Vepsäläinen, K Nissinen, L Korkalo, ...
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Poor micronutrient intake and status is a public health problem among adolescent Mozambican girls
L Korkalo, R Freese, G Alfthan, L Fidalgo, M Mutanen
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Food composition tables for Mozambique
L Korkalo, H Hauta-alus, M Mutanen
Department of Food and Environmental Sciences, Finland, 55pp, 2011
Food and nutrient intake and nutrient sources in 1-year-old infants in Finland: a cross-sectional analysis
HH Hauta-Alus, L Korkalo, EM Holmlund-Suila, J Rosendahl, ...
Nutrients 9 (12), 1309, 2017
Early educators’ practices and opinions in relation to pre-schoolers’ dietary intake at pre-school: case Finland
R Lehto, C Ray, H Vepsäläinen, L Korkalo, K Nissinen, E Skaffari, ...
Public health nutrition 22 (9), 1567-1575, 2019
A healthy dietary pattern with a low inflammatory potential reduces the risk of gestational diabetes mellitus
L Pajunen, L Korkalo, E Koivuniemi, N Houttu, O Pellonperä, K Mokkala, ...
European Journal of Nutrition, 1-14, 2022
Sustainability analysis of Finnish pre-schoolers’ diet based on targets of the EAT-Lancet reference diet
S Bäck, E Skaffari, H Vepsäläinen, R Lehto, E Lehto, K Nissinen, C Ray, ...
European Journal of Nutrition, 1-12, 2022
Re placing dietary animal-source proteins with plant-source proteins changes dietary intake and status of vitamins and minerals in healthy adults: a 12-week randomized …
T Pellinen, E Päivärinta, J Isotalo, M Lehtovirta, ST Itkonen, L Korkalo, ...
European Journal of Nutrition, 1-14, 2022
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