Gianni Campatelli
Gianni Campatelli
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Optimization of process parameters using a response surface method for minimizing power consumption in the milling of carbon steel
G Campatelli, L Lorenzini, A Scippa
Journal of cleaner production 66, 309-316, 2014
Development of a simplified approach based on the EFQM model and Six Sigma for the implementation of TQM principles in a university administration
G Campatelli, P Citti, A Meneghin
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Prediction of milling cutting force coefficients for Aluminum 6082-T4
G Campatelli, A Scippa
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Optimization of WAAM deposition patterns for T-crossing features
G Venturini, F Montevecchi, A Scippa, G Campatelli
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Speed-varying cutting force coefficient identification in milling
N Grossi, L Sallese, A Scippa, G Campatelli
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Finite element modelling of wire-arc-additive-manufacturing process
F Montevecchi, G Venturini, A Scippa, G Campatelli
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Cutting forces analysis in additive manufactured AISI H13 alloy
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Improved dynamic compensation for accurate cutting force measurements in milling applications
A Scippa, L Sallese, N Grossi, G Campatelli
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Spindle speed ramp-up test: A novel experimental approach for chatter stability detection
N Grossi, A Scippa, L Sallese, R Sato, G Campatelli
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FEM based cutting velocity selection for thin walled part machining
A Scippa, N Grossi, G Campatelli
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Chatter stability prediction in milling using speed-varying cutting force coefficients
N Grossi, L Sallese, A Scippa, G Campatelli
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Reliability improvement of a diesel engine using the FMETA approach
G Arcidiacono, G Campatelli
Quality and Reliability Engineering International 20 (2), 143-154, 2004
Idle time selection for wire-arc additive manufacturing: A finite element-based technique
F Montevecchi, G Venturini, N Grossi, A Scippa, G Campatelli
additive manufacturing 21, 479-486, 2018
Selection of optimal process parameters for wire arc additive manufacturing
M Liberini, A Astarita, G Campatelli, A Scippa, F Montevecchi, G Venturini, ...
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Optimal workpiece orientation to reduce the energy consumption of a milling process
G Campatelli, A Scippa, L Lorenzini, R Sato
International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing-Green …, 2015
Participative knowledge management to empower manufacturing workers
G Campatelli, A Richter, A Stocker
International Journal of Knowledge Management (IJKM) 12 (4), 37-50, 2016
La metodologia Sei Sigma nei servizi
C Paolo, B Niccolò, C Gianni, C Cristiano
Firenze University Press, 2006
Axis geometrical errors analysis through a performance test to evaluate kinematic error in a five axis tilting-rotary table machine tool
V Alessandro, C Gianni, S Antonio
Precision Engineering 39, 224-233, 2015
Heat accumulation prevention in Wire-Arc-Additive-Manufacturing using air jet impingement
F Montevecchi, G Venturini, N Grossi, A Scippa, G Campatelli
Manufacturing Letters 17, 14-18, 2018
Improved RCSA technique for efficient tool-tip dynamics prediction
F Montevecchi, N Grossi, A Scippa, G Campatelli
Precision Engineering 44, 152-162, 2016
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