Helena Paterson
Helena Paterson
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Perceiving affect from arm movement
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A motion capture library for the study of identity, gender, and emotion perception from biological motion
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Low vocal pitch preference drives first impressions irrespective of context in male voices but not in female voices
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The people living with HIV STIGMASurvey UK 2015: Stigmatising experiences and dental care
S Okala, J Doughty, RG Watt, AJ Santella, DI Conway, ...
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Perceiving animacy and arousal in transformed displays of human interaction
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The people living with HIV stigma survey UK 2015: HIV-related sexual rejection and other experiences of stigma and discrimination among gay and heterosexual men
M Hibbert, W Crenna-Jennings, P Kirwan, L Benton, I Lut, S Okala, ...
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The perception and cognition of emotion from motion
HM Paterson
University of Glasgow, 2002
Form and animacy in the perception of affect from biological motion
HM Paterson, FE Pollick
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Shaping biological motion: Adding realistic form cues to biological motion displays
HM Paterson, FE Pollick, A Ude
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The perception of affect from point-light displays of simple arm movements
H Paterson, FE Pollick, AJ Calder, AJ Sanford
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Toward A Biologically-Inspired Representation of Human Affect
YL Ma, H Paterson, A Dolia, SB Cho, A Ude, F Pollick
Giving life to circles and rectangles: Animacy, intention and fMRI
P Mcaleer, M Becirspahic, F Pollick, H Paterson, P Belin, S Love
34th European Conference on Visual Perception, 2011
Perceptual consequences when combining form and biological motion
HM Paterson, FE Pollick
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Movement and faces in the perception of emotion
HM Paterson, FE Pollick, E Jackson
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Evaluation of Headtorch WORKS as a workplace intervention for improved support and understanding of co-workers with poor mental health and well-being
H Paterson, GK Todorova, K Noble, S Schickhoff, FE Pollick
European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 1-12, 2021
Using Open Access Peer-Reviews and Pre-Printed Submissions to Improve Students’ Comprehension of Academic Writing
P McAleer, N Stack, H Cleland Woods, H Paterson
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