Jonathan Cohen
Jonathan Cohen
Computer Scientist, Google
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Level of detail for 3D graphics
D Luebke, M Reddy, JD Cohen, A Varshney, B Watson, R Huebner
Morgan Kaufmann, 2002
I-COLLIDE: An interactive and exact collision detection system for large-scale environments
JD Cohen, MC Lin, D Manocha, M Ponamgi
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Simplification envelopes
J Cohen, A Varshney, D Manocha, G Turk, H Weber, P Agarwal, F Brooks, ...
Proceedings of the 23rd annual conference on Computer graphics and …, 1996
Appearance-Preserving Simplification of Polygonal Models
JD Cohen
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1998
Appearance-preserving simplification
J Cohen, M Olano, D Manocha
Proceedings of the 25th annual conference on Computer graphics and …, 1998
V-COLLIDE: accelerated collision detection for VRML
TC Hudson, MC Lin, J Cohen, S Gottschalk, D Manocha
Proceedings of the second symposium on Virtual reality modeling language …, 1997
MMR: An interactive massive model rendering system using geometric and image-based acceleration
D Aliaga, J Cohen, A Wilson, E Baker, H Zhang, C Erikson, K Hoff, ...
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Accelerated occlusion culling using shadow frusta
T Hudson, D Manocha, J Cohen, M Lin, K Hoff, H Zhang
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Exploring traditional and emerging parallel programming models using a proxy application
I Karlin, A Bhatele, J Keasler, BL Chamberlain, J Cohen, Z DeVito, ...
27th IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium (IEEE …, 2013
Collision detection: Algorithms and applications (invited submission)
MC Lin, D Manocha, J Cohen, S Gottschalk
Algorithms for Robot Motion and Manipulation, 129-142, 1996
Simplifying polygonal models using successive mappings
J Cohen, D Manocha, M Olano
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Perceptually guided simplification of lit, textured meshes
N Williams, D Luebke, JD Cohen, M Kelley, B Schubert
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Lulesh programming model and performance ports overview
I Karlin, A Bhatele, BL Chamberlain, J Cohen, Z Devito, M Gokhale, ...
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), Livermore, CA, Tech. Rep, 2012
Hybrid simplification: combining multi-resolution polygon and point rendering
JD Cohen, DG Aliaga, W Zhang
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Similarity-guided streamline placement with error evaluation
Y Chen, JD Cohen, JH Krolik
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Seamless texture atlases
B Purnomo, JD Cohen, S Kumar
Proceedings of the 2004 Eurographics/ACM SIGGRAPH symposium on Geometry …, 2004
Combatting rendering latency
M Olano, J Cohen, M Mine, G Bishop
Proceedings of the 1995 symposium on interactive 3D graphics (Monterey, CA …, 1995
Hardware technologies for high-performance data-intensive computing
M Gokhale, J Cohen, A Yoo, WM Miller, A Jacob, C Ulmer, R Pearce
Computer 41 (4), 60-68, 2008
Interactive visualization of unstructured grids using hierarchical 3D textures
J Leven, J Corso, J Cohen, S Kumar
Proceedings of the 2002 IEEE symposium on Volume visualization and graphics …, 2002
A framework for the real-time walkthrough of massive models
D Aliaga, J Cohen, A Wilson, H Zhang, C Erikson, K Hoff, T Hudson, ...
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