Luc Dekoninck
Luc Dekoninck
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The influence of traffic noise on appreciation of the living quality of a neighborhood
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The soundscape approach for early stage urban planning: a case study
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An instantaneous spatiotemporal model to predict a bicyclist's Black Carbon exposure based on mobile noise measurements
L Dekoninck, D Botteldooren, LI Panis
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Applicability of a noise-based model to estimate in-traffic exposure to black carbon and particle number concentrations in different cultures
L Dekoninck, D Botteldooren, LI Panis, S Hankey, G Jain, S Karthik, ...
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The internet of sound observatories
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The influence of noise, vibration, cycle paths, and period of day on stress experienced by cyclists
JYM Nuñez, IP Teixeira, ANR Silva, P Zeile, L Dekoninck, D Botteldooren
Sustainability 10 (7), 2379, 2018
The application of a notice-event model to improve classical exposure-annoyance estimation
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Evolution of building façade road traffic noise levels in Flanders
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Guidelines for participatory noise sensing based on analysis of high quality mobile noise measurements
L Dekoninck, D Botteldooren, L Int Panis
41st International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering …, 2012
The effects of noise from combined traffic sources on annoyance: the case of interactions between rail and road noise
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Health effects and major co-determinants associated with rail and road noise exposure along transalpine traffic corridors
P Lercher, B de Greve, D Botteldooren, L Dekoninck, D Oettl, U Uhrner, ...
9th Congress of the International Commission on the Biological Effects of …, 2008
Airborne sound propagation over sea during offshore wind farm piling
T Van Renterghem, D Botteldooren, L Dekoninck
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Forum Acusticum 2011, 345-350, 2011
Sound sensor network based assessment of traffic, noise, and air pollution
L Dekoninck, D Botteldooren, L Int Panis
10th European Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering …, 2015
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