Johann Großschädl
Johann Großschädl
Research Specialist, University of Luxembourg
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Fresh re-keying: Security against side-channel and fault attacks for low-cost devices
M Medwed, FX Standaert, J Großschädl, F Regazzoni
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Triathlon of lightweight block ciphers for the internet of things
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Instruction set extensions for efficient AES implementation on 32-bit processors
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Design Strategies for ARX with Provable Bounds: Sparx and LAX
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Efficient Ring-LWE encryption on 8-bit AVR processors
Z Liu, H Seo, SS Roy, J Großschädl, H Kim, I Verbauwhede
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The energy cost of cryptographic key establishment in wireless sensor networks
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Instruction set extensions for fast arithmetic in finite fields GF(p) and GF(2m)
J Großschädl, E Savaş
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Energy-efficient software implementation of long integer modular arithmetic
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A bit-serial unified multiplier architecture for finite fields GF(p) and GF(2m)
J Großschädl
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Instruction set extension for fast elliptic curve cryptography over binary finite fields GF(2<sup>m</sup>)
J Groszschaedl, GA Kamendje
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M Koschuch, J Lechner, A Weitzer, J Großschädl, A Szekely, S Tillich, ...
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The Chinese Remainder Theorem and its application in a high-speed RSA crypto chip
J Grossschadl
16th Annual Conference on Computer Security Applications (ACSAC 2000), 384-393, 2000
Elliptic curve cryptography with efficiently computable endomorphisms and its hardware implementations for the internet of things
Z Liu, J Großschädl, Z Hu, K Järvinen, H Wang, I Verbauwhede
IEEE Transactions on Computers 66 (5), 773-785, 2017
Conversion from arithmetic to boolean masking with logarithmic complexity
JS Coron, J Großschädl, M Tibouchi, PK Vadnala
International Workshop on Fast Software Encryption, 130-149, 2015
MoTE-ECC: Energy-scalable elliptic curve cryptography for wireless sensor networks
Z Liu, E Wenger, J Großschädl
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An instruction set extension for fast and memory-efficient AES implementation
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Securing Edge Devices in the Post-Quantum Internet of Things Using Lattice-Based Cryptography
Z Liu, KKR Choo, J Großschädl
IEEE Communications Magazine 56 (2), 158-162, 2018
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