Gerhard Obermeyer
Gerhard Obermeyer
Univ Salzburg, Biosciences
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Glutamate receptor–like genes form Ca2+ channels in pollen tubes and are regulated by pistil D-serine
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The turgor pressure of growing lily pollen tubes
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Calcium channel blocker and calmodulin antagonists affect the gradient of free calcium ions in lily pollen tubes.
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Immunological and biological properties of Bet v 4, a novel birch pollen allergen with two EF-hand calcium-binding domains
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Under pressure, cell walls set the pace
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Sucrose-induced receptor kinase SIRK1 regulates a plasma membrane aquaporin in Arabidopsis
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Electrophysiological analysis of the yeast V-type proton pump: variable coupling ratio and proton shunt
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Pollen tubes and the physical world
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Molecular and physiological characterisation of a 14-3-3 protein from lily pollen grains regulating the activity of the plasma membrane H+ ATPase during pollen …
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Electrical properties of intact pollen grains of Lilium longiflorum: characteristics of the non-germinatingpollen grain
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Dynamic adaption of metabolic pathways during germination and growth of lily pollen tubes after inhibition of the electron transport chain
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Immunolocalization of H+-ATPases in the plasma membrane of pollen grains and pollen tubes ofLilium longiflorum
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The pollen organelle membrane proteome reveals highly spatial− temporal dynamics during germination and tube growth of lily pollen
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Osmoregulation in Lilium Pollen Grains Occurs via Modulation of the Plasma Membrane H+ ATPase Activity by 14-3-3 Proteins
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Laser microsurgery: a versatile tool in plant (electro) physiology
AH De Boer, B Van Duijn, P Giesberg, L Wegner, G Obermeyer, K Köhler, ...
Protoplasma 178, 1-10, 1994
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