Hector Macian-Sorribes
Hector Macian-Sorribes
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Integrated assessment of the impact of climate and land use changes on groundwater quantity and quality in the Mancha Oriental system (Spain)
M Pulido-Velazquez, S Peña-Haro, A García-Prats, ...
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Integrating historical operating decisions and expert criteria into a DSS for the management of a multireservoir system
H Macian-Sorribes, M Pulido-Velazquez
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Effects of drip irrigation on water consumption at basin scale (Mijares river, Spain)
C Sanchis-Ibor, H Macian-Sorribes, M García-Mollá, M Pulido-Velazquez
26th Euro-Mediterranean regional conference and workshops on ‘innovate to …, 2015
Hydro-economic optimization under inflow uncertainty using the SDP_GAMS generalized optimization tool
H Macian-Sorribes, M Pulido-Velazquez
Proceedings of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences 364 …, 2014
Utilización de lógica difusa en la gestión de embalses. Aplicación a los ríos Sorbe, Esla y Mijares
H Macián Sorribes
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Qualitative approach for assessing runoff temporal dependence through geometrical symmetry
S Zazo, H Macian-Sorribes, CMS Fael, AM Martín, JL Molina, ...
Design of optimal reservoir operating rules in large water resources systems combining stochastic programming, fuzzy logic and expert criteria.
H Macián Sorribes
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M Pulido-Velazquez, H Macian-Sorribes, J María Benlliure-Moreno, ...
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Qualitative Approach for Assessing Runoff Temporal Dependence Through Geometrical Symmetry
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Multiobjective Decision Support System tool for climate-resilient forest management
A Garcia-Prats, H Macian-Sorribes, M Pulido-Velazquez, J Pérez-Romero, ...
AGUFM 2019, H52E-08, 2019
Integrating top-down and bottom-up approaches for climate change adaptation. Application to the Jucar river basin (Spain).
M Pulido-Velazquez, P Marcos-Garcia, C Sanchis-Ibor, ...
AGUFM 2019, H13T-2063, 2019
Estimating the added value of seasonal forecasting systems through hydro-economic stochastic programming and model predictive control in the Jucar River Basin (Spain)
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Six challenges to successfully inform hydropower operation by improved hydro-meteorological forecasts
A Castelletti, M Giuliani, MH Ramos, M Pulido-Velazquez, G David, ...
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System Dynamics Model to Evaluate Climate and Global Change Impact and Adaptation Strategies on the Jucar River Water Resource System
A Rubio-Martin, A Garcia-Prats, H Macian-Sorribes, M Pulido-Velazquez
AGUFM 2019, H11Q-1766, 2019
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