Minnamari Vippola
Minnamari Vippola
Tampere University
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Optimized dispersion of nanoparticles for biological in vitro and in vivo studies
P Bihari, M Vippola, S Schultes, M Praetner, AG Khandoga, CA Reichel, ...
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Long, needle-like carbon nanotubes and asbestos activate the NLRP3 inflammasome through a similar mechanism
J Palomaki, E Valimaki, J Sund, M Vippola, PA Clausen, KA Jensen, ...
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Topically applied ZnO nanoparticles suppress allergen induced skin inflammation but induce vigorous IgE production in the atopic dermatitis mouse model
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Vibration damping properties of steel/rubber/composite hybrid structures
E Sarlin, Y Liu, M Vippola, M Zogg, P Ermanni, J Vuorinen, T Lepistö
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Utilization of Barkhausen noise magnetizing sweeps for case-depth detection from hardened steel
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P Sassatelli, G Bolelli, ML Gualtieri, E Heinonen, M Honkanen, ...
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S Santa-Aho, M Vippola, A Sorsa, J Latokartano, M Lindgren, K Leiviskä, ...
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Metal–plastic adhesion in injection-molded hybrids
M Honkanen, M Hoikkanen, M Vippola, J Vuorinen, T Lepistö
Journal of adhesion science and technology 23 (13-14), 1747-1761, 2009
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