Anssi Arffman
Anssi Arffman
Technology Manager (D.Sc.(Tech.)), Dekati Ltd.
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Bounce behavior of freshly nucleated biogenic secondary organic aerosol particles
A Virtanen, J Kannosto, H Kuuluvainen, A Arffman, J Joutsensaari, ...
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Performance evaluation of the HR-ELPI+ inversion
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Experimental and numerical analysis of fine particle and soot formation in a modern 100 MW pulverized biomass heating plant
NP Niemelä, F Mylläri, N Kuittinen, M Aurela, A Helin, J Kuula, K Teinilä, ...
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A Arffman, H Kuuluvainen, J Harra, O Vuorinen, P Juuti, J Yli-Ojanperä, ...
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Concentrations and size distributions of particle lung-deposited surface area (LDSA) in an underground mine
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Fuel-operated auxiliary heaters are a major additional source of vehicular particulate emissions in cold regions
P Karjalainen, M Nikka, M Olin, S Martikainen, A Rostedt, A Arffman, ...
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Differential diffusion analyzer
A Arffman, P Juuti, J Harra, J Keskinen
Aerosol Science and Technology 51 (12), 1429-1437, 2017
Real-time effective density monitor (DENSMO) for aerosol nanoparticle production
P Juuti, A Arffman, A Rostedt, J Harra, JM Mäkelä, J Keskinen
Aerosol Science and Technology 50 (5), 487-496, 2016
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