Andrew B. Collmus
Andrew B. Collmus
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A primer on theory-driven web scraping: Automatic extraction of big data from the Internet for use in psychological research.
RN Landers, RC Brusso, KJ Cavanaugh, AB Collmus
Psychological methods 21 (4), 475, 2016
Gamification science, its history and future: Definitions and a research agenda
RN Landers, EM Auer, AB Collmus, MB Armstrong
Simulation & Gaming 49 (3), 315-337, 2018
Gamifying recruitment, selection, training, and performance management: Game-thinking in human resource management
MB Armstrong, RN Landers, AB Collmus
Emerging research and trends in gamification, 140-165, 2016
Game-thinking within social media to recruit and select job candidates
AB Collmus, MB Armstrong, RN Landers
Social media in employee selection and recruitment, 103-124, 2016
How to use game elements to enhance learning: Applications of the theory of gamified learning
RN Landers, MB Armstrong, AB Collmus
Serious games and edutainment applications, 457-483, 2017
Defining gameful experience as a psychological state caused by gameplay: Replacing the term ‘Gamefulness’ with three distinct constructs
RN Landers, GF Tondello, DL Kappen, AB Collmus, ED Mekler, LE Nacke
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 127, 81-94, 2019
Correcting misconceptions about gamification of assessment: More than SJTs and badges
MB Armstrong, JZ Ferrell, AB Collmus, RN Landers
Industrial and Organizational Psychology 9 (3), 671-677, 2016
The greatest battle is within ourselves: An experiment on the effects of competition alone on task performance
RN Landers, AB Collmus, H Williams
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 127, 51-61, 2019
Using big data to enhance staffing: Vast untapped resources or tempting honeypot?
RN Landers, AA Fink, AB Collmus
Handbook of Employee Selection, Second Edition, 949-966, 2017
Game-framing to improve applicant perceptions of cognitive assessments
AB Collmus, RN Landers
Journal of Personnel Psychology, 2019
Game-framing cognitive assessments to improve applicant perceptions
AB Collmus
HIT Me Baby, One More Time: Optimal Worker Incentive Strategies for Human Intelligence Tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk
JL Brigden, AB Collmus
27 Data Science as a New Foundation for Insightful, Reproducible, and Trustworthy Social Science
RN Landers, EM Auer, AB Collmus, S Marin
Leveraging Trace Data in Game-Based Assessments
EM Auer, S Marin, RN Landers, A Collmus, MB Armstrong, S Mujcic, ...
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