Alexander Shluger
Alexander Shluger
Professor of Physics
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Vacancy and interstitial defects in hafnia
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Theories of scanning probe microscopes at the atomic scale
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Recommended methods to study resistive switching devices
M Lanza, HSP Wong, E Pop, D Ielmini, D Strukov, BC Regan, L Larcher, ...
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Trapping, self-trapping and the polaron family
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Theoretical study of the stabilization of cubic-phase by impurities
EV Stefanovich, AL Shluger, CRA Catlow
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Models of the self-trapped exciton and nearest-neighbor defect pair in SiO 2
A Shluger, E Stefanovich
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Recent trends in surface characterization and chemistry with high‐resolution scanning force methods
C Barth, AS Foster, CR Henry, AL Shluger
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Modification of the INDO calculation scheme and parametrization for ionic crystals
E Stefanovich, E Shidlovskaya, A Shluger, M Zakharov
physica status solidi (b) 160 (2), 529-540, 1990
Atom-resolved imaging of ordered defect superstructures at individual grain boundaries
Z Wang, M Saito, KP McKenna, L Gu, S Tsukimoto, AL Shluger, Y Ikuhara
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Electron localization and a confined electron gas in nanoporous inorganic electrides
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Small polarons in real crystals: concepts and problems
AL Shluger, AM Stoneham
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Spectroscopy of low-coordinated surface sites: theoretical study of MgO
AL Shluger, PV Sushko, LN Kantorovich
Physical Review B 59 (3), 2417, 1999
The interaction of oxygen vacancies with grain boundaries in monoclinic
K McKenna, A Shluger
Applied Physics Letters 95 (22), 222111, 2009
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