Lewis Mitchell
Lewis Mitchell
University of Adelaide, Assoc Prof in Applied Mathematics
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The geography of happiness: Connecting Twitter sentiment and expression, demographics, and objective characteristics of place
L Mitchell, MR Frank, KD Harris, PS Dodds, CM Danforth
PLoS ONE 8 (5), e64417, 2013
Human language reveals a universal positivity bias
PS Dodds, EM Clark, S Desu, MR Frank, AJ Reagan, JR Williams, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (8), 2389-2394, 2015
The emotional arcs of stories are dominated by six basic shapes
AJ Reagan, L Mitchell, D Kiley, CM Danforth, PS Dodds
EPJ Data Science 5 (1), 1-12, 2016
Happiness and the patterns of life: A study of geolocated tweets
MR Frank, L Mitchell, PS Dodds, CM Danforth
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Climate change sentiment on Twitter: An unsolicited public opinion poll
EM Cody, AJ Reagan, L Mitchell, PS Dodds, CM Danforth
PLoS ONE 10 (8), e0136092, 2015
Data assimilation in slow-fast systems using homogenized climate models
L Mitchell, GA Gottwald
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences 69 (4), 1359-1377, 2012
Tweeting weight loss: A comparison of #thinspiration and #fitspiration communities on Twitter
M Tiggemann, O Churches, L Mitchell, Z Brown
Body image 25, 133-138, 2018
Diffraction of ocean waves around a hollow cylindrical shell structure
SP Zhu, L Mitchell
Wave Motion 46 (1), 78-88, 2009
Information flow reveals prediction limits in online social activity
JP Bagrow, X Liu, L Mitchell
Nature human behaviour 3 (2), 122-128, 2019
Characterising seasonal influenza epidemiology using primary care surveillance data
RC Cope, JV Ross, M Chilver, NP Stocks, L Mitchell
PLoS computational biology 14 (8), e1006377, 2018
The Lexicocalorimeter: Gauging public health through caloric input and output on social media
SE Alajajian, JR Williams, AJ Reagan, SC Alajajian, MR Frank, L Mitchell, ...
PLoS ONE 12 (2), e0168893, 2017
The underestimated dynamics and impacts of water-based recreational activities on freshwater ecosystems
M Venohr, SD Langhans, O Peters, F Hölker, R Arlinghaus, L Mitchell, ...
Environmental Reviews 26 (2), 199-213, 2018
Accounting for model error due to unresolved scales within ensemble Kalman filtering
L Mitchell, A Carrassi
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 141 (689), 1417-1428, 2014
A data-driven model for influenza transmission incorporating media effects
L Mitchell, JV Ross
Royal Society open science 3 (10), 160481, 2016
Real-time Detection of Content Polluters in Partially Observable Twitter Networks
M Nasim, A Nguyen, N Lothian, R Cope, L Mitchell
Companion Proceedings of the The Web Conference 2018 (WWW `18), 1331-1339, 2018
Non-global parameter estimation using local ensemble Kalman filtering
T Bellsky, J Berwald, L Mitchell
Monthly Weather Review 142, 2150-2164, 2014
Controlling Overestimation of Error Covariance in Ensemble Kalman Filters with Sparse Observations: A Variance-Limiting Kalman Filter
GA Gottwald, L Mitchell, S Reich
Monthly Weather Review 139, 2650–2667, 2011
Simon's fundamental rich-get-richer model entails a dominant first-mover advantage
PS Dodds, DR Dewhurst, FF Hazlehurst, CM Van Oort, L Mitchell, ...
Physical Review E 95 (5), 052301, 2017
The nature and origin of heavy tails in retweet activity
P Mathews, L Mitchell, G Nguyen, N Bean
Proceedings of the 26th International Conference on World Wide Web Companion …, 2017
Which friends are more popular than you? Contact strength and the friendship paradox in social networks
JP Bagrow, CM Danforth, L Mitchell
2017 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks …, 2017
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