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Jode Goodridge
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CD56bright NK cells exhibit potent antitumor responses following IL-15 priming
JA Wagner, M Rosario, R Romee, MM Berrien-Elliott, SE Schneider, ...
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Critical role of CD2 co-stimulation in adaptive natural killer cell responses revealed in NKG2C-deficient humans
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Killer Ig-like receptor expression in uterine NK cells is biased toward recognition of HLA-C and alters with gestational age
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HLA-F and MHC class I open conformers are ligands for NK cell Ig-like receptors
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KIR2DL4 (CD158d) genotype influences expression and function in NK cells
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Remodeling of secretory lysosomes during education tunes functional potential in NK cells
JP Goodridge, B Jacobs, ML Saetersmoen, D Clement, Q Hammer, ...
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HLA-F complex without peptide binds to MHC class I protein in the open conformer form
JP Goodridge, A Burian, N Lee, DE Geraghty
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Maternal KIR repertoire is not associated with recurrent spontaneous abortion
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Intrinsic functional potential of NK-cell subsets constrains retargeting driven by chimeric antigen receptors
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Three common alleles of KIR2DL4 (CD158d) encode constitutively expressed, inducible and secreted receptors in NK cells
JP Goodridge, LJ Lathbury, NK Steiner, CN Shulse, P Pullikotil, ...
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Growth in the Presence of Salicylate Increases Fluoroquinolone Resistance in Staphylococcus aureus
JE Gustafson, PV Candelaria, SA Fisher, JP Goodridge, TM Lichocik, ...
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Newtonian cell interactions shape natural killer cell education
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Analysis of HLA A* 02 association with vaccine efficacy in the RV144 HIV-1 vaccine trial
AJ Gartland, S Li, J McNevin, GD Tomaras, R Gottardo, H Janes, Y Fong, ...
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HLA-F and MHC-I open conformers cooperate in a MHC-I antigen cross-presentation pathway
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FT596: translation of first-of-kind multi-antigen targeted off-the-shelf CAR-NK cell with engineered persistence for the treatment of B cell malignancies
JP Goodridge, S Mahmood, H Zhu, S Gaidarova, R Blum, R Bjordahl, ...
Blood 134, 301, 2019
Killer Ig-like receptor 2DL4 does not mediate NK cell IFN-γ responses to soluble HLA-G preparations
MEL Le Page, JP Goodridge, E John, FT Christiansen, CS Witt
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Immune selection during tumor checkpoint inhibition therapy paves way for NK-cell “missing self” recognition
KJ Malmberg, E Sohlberg, JP Goodridge, HG Ljunggren
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Harnessing adaptive natural killer cells in cancer immunotherapy
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Naive donor NK cell repertoires associated with less leukemia relapse after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
AT Björklund, T Clancy, JP Goodridge, V Béziat, M Schaffer, E Hovig, ...
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Intra-lineage plasticity and functional reprogramming maintain natural killer cell repertoire diversity
A Pfefferle, B Jacobs, H Netskar, EH Ask, S Lorenz, T Clancy, ...
Cell reports 29 (8), 2284-2294. e4, 2019
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