Burairah Hussin
Burairah Hussin
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Opinion Mining of Movie Review Using Hybrid Method of Support Vector Machine and Particle Swarm Optimization
ASH Basari, B Hussin, I Ananta, J Zeniarja
Procedia Engineering 53 (1), 453-462, 2013
Predicting critical cloud computing security issues using Artificial Neural Network (ANNs) algorithms in banking organizations
A Elzamly, B Hussin, SS Abu-Naser, T Shibutani, M Doheir
Predicting Software Analysis Process Risks Using Linear Stepwise Discriminant Analysis: Statistical Methods
A Elzamly, B Hussin, SS Abu-Naser, M Doheir
Classification of Software Risks with Discriminant Analysis Techniques in Software planning Development Process
A Elzamly, B Hussin, SS Abu-Naser, M Doheir
A Case Study Of Condition Based Maintenance Modelling Based Upon The Oil Analysis Data Of Marine Diesel Engines Using Stochastic Filtering
W Wang, B Hussin, T Jefferis
International Journal of Production Economics 136 (1), 84-92, 2012
Plant Residual Time Modelling Based On Observed Variables In Oil Samples
W Wang, B Hussin
Journal of the Operational Research Society 60 (6), 789-796, 2008
Estimating quality-affecting risks in software projects
A Elzamly, B Hussin
International Management Review 7 (2), 66-74, 2011
A New Conceptual Framework Modelling for Cloud Computing Risk Management in Banking Organizations
A Elzamly, B Hussin, S Abu Naser, K Khanfar, M Doheir, A Selamat, ...
International Journal of Grid and Distributed Computing 9 (9), 137-154, 2016
Correlated Node Behavior Model based on Semi Markov Process for MANETS
AH Azni, R Ahmad, ZAM Noh, ASH Basari, B Hussin
International Journal of Computer Science 9 (1), 50-59, 2012
Managing software project risks (analysis phase) with proposed fuzzy regression analysis modelling techniques with fuzzy concepts
A Elzamly, B Hussin
Journal of computing and information technology 22 (2), 131-144, 2014
Exam Timetabling Using Graph Colouring Approach
B Hussin, ASH Basari, AS Shibghatullah, SA Asmai, NS Othman
Open Systems (ICOS), 2011 IEEE Conference on, 133-138, 2011
Managing Software Project Risks with Proposed Regression Model Techniques and Effect Size Technique
A Elzamly, B Hussin
International Review on Computers and Software 6 (2), 250-263, 2011
Converging VANET with vehicular cloud networks to reduce the traffic congestions: A review
MS Talib, B Hussin, A Hassan
International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 12 (21), 10646-10654, 2017
An Enhancement of Framework Software Risk Management Methodology for Succesful Software Development
A Elzamly, B Hussin
Journal of Theoretical & Applied Information Technology 62 (2), 410-423, 2014
A comparison of fuzzy and stepwise multiple regression analysis techniques for managing software project risks: Implementation phase
A Elzamly, B Hussin
International Management Review 10 (1), 43-54, 2014
A data mining approach for developing quality prediction model in multi-stage manufacturing
F Arif, N Suryana, B Hussin
International Journal of Computer Applications 69 (22), 2013
A Framework of an Intelligent Maintenance Prognosis Tool
SA Asmai, B Hussin, MM Yusof
Second International Conference on Computer Research and Development, 241-245, 2010
Modelling and evaluating software project risks with quantitative analysis techniques in planning software development
A Elzamly, B Hussin
Journal of computing and information technology 23 (2), 123-139, 2015
Top fifty software risk factors and the best thirty risk management techniques in software development lifecycle for successful software projects
E Abdelrafe, B Hussin, N Salleh
International Journal of Hybrid Information Technology 9 (6), 11-32, 2016
Managing software project risks (Implementation Phase) with proposed stepwise regression analysis techniques
A Elzamly, B Hussin
International Journal on Information Technology (IREIT) 1 (5), 300-312, 2013
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