Emily Carlson (Clements), PhD
Emily Carlson (Clements), PhD
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Maladaptive and adaptive emotion regulation through music: a behavioral and neuroimaging study of males and females
E Carlson, S Saarikallio, P Toiviainen, B Bogert, M Kliuchko, E Brattico
Frontiers in human neuroscience 9, 466, 2015
The role of music in everyday life during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic: a mixed-methods exploratory study
E Carlson, J Wilson, M Baltazar, D Duman, HR Peltola, P Toiviainen, ...
Frontiers in Psychology 12, 647756, 2021
Dance to your own drum: Identification of musical genre and individual dancer from motion capture using machine learning
E Carlson, P Saari, B Burger, P Toiviainen
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Dance like someone is watching: A social relations model study of music-induced movement
E Carlson, B Burger, P Toiviainen
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Conscientiousness and extraversion relate to responsiveness to tempo in dance
E Carlson, B Burger, J London, MR Thompson, P Toiviainen
Human movement science 49, 315-325, 2016
Empathy, entrainment, and perceived interaction in complex dyadic dance movement
E Carlson, B Burger, P Toiviainen
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Personality and musical preference using social-tagging in excerpt-selection.
E Carlson, P Saari, B Burger, P Toiviainen
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Kinematics of perceived dyadic coordination in dance
M Hartmann, A Mavrolampados, E Allingham, E Carlson, B Burger, ...
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Embodied meter revisited: Entrainment, musical content, and genre in music-induced movement
P Toiviainen, E Carlson
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A test of the relationship between argumentativeness and individualism/collectivism in the United States and Finland
SM Croucher, F Galy-Badenas, P Jäntti, E Carlson, Z Cheng
Communication Research Reports 33 (2), 128-136, 2016
Rhythmic exercises as tools for rehabilitation following cerebellar stroke: A case study integrating music therapy and physiotherapy techniques
J Ruotsalainen, E Carlson, J Erkkilä
Nordic Journal of Music Therapy 31 (5), 431-453, 2022
Differential effects of trait empathy on functional network centrality
V Moorthigari, E Carlson, P Toiviainen, E Brattico, V Alluri
International Conference on Brain Informatics, 107-117, 2020
Decoding Individual differences and musical preference via music-induced movement
Y Agrawal, E Carlson, P Toiviainen, V Alluri
Scientific Reports 12 (1), 2672, 2022
Towards Multimodal MIR: Predicting individual differences from music-induced movement
Y Agrawal, S Jain, E Carlson, P Toiviainen, V Alluri
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Postural and gestural synchronization, sequential imitation, and mirroring predict perceived coupling of dancing dyads
M Hartmann, E Carlson, A Mavrolampados, B Burger, P Toiviainen
Cognitive Science 47 (4), e13281, 2023
Reopening the Conversation Between Music Psychology and Music Therapy: A Survey of Interdisciplinary Attitudes
E Carlson, I Cross
Music Perception: An Interdisciplinary Journal 39 (2), 181-201, 2021
Me, you and the dance: effects of individual differences and social context on music-induced movement
E Carlson
JYU dissertations, 2018
Affect regulation, mental health disorders, and maladaptive brain responses in music listening: a correlational study
E Carlson
Trait empathy modulates music-related functional connectivity
V Moorthigari, E Carlson, P Toiviainen, P Vuust, E Brattico, V Alluri
BioRxiv, 2021.08. 18.456484, 2021
Adapting to Change: How the COVID-19 Pandemic has Impacted the Music Therapy Profession
M Leandertz, A Danso Adu, E Carlson
Journal of Music, Health, and Wellbeing, 2021
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