Jin Li
Jin Li
Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen)
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Radiation damage in nanostructured materials
X Zhang, K Hattar, Y Chen, L Shao, J Li, C Sun, K Yu, N Li, ML Taheri, ...
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Self-assembled epitaxial Au–Oxide vertically aligned nanocomposites for nanoscale metamaterials
L Li, L Sun, JS Gomez-Diaz, NL Hogan, P Lu, F Khatkhatay, W Zhang, ...
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Ultrastrong nanocrystalline steel with exceptional thermal stability and radiation tolerance
C Du, S Jin, Y Fang, J Li, S Hu, T Yang, Y Zhang, J Huang, G Sha, ...
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J Li, C Fan, J Ding, S Xue, Y Chen, Q Li, H Wang, X Zhang
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Tailoring the strength and ductility of T91 steel by partial tempering treatment
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H Wang, XL Phuah, J Li, TB Holland, KSN Vikrant, Q Li, CS Hellberg, ...
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J Li, C Fan, Q Li, H Wang, X Zhang
Acta Materialia 143, 30-42, 2018
Response of solidification cellular structures in additively manufactured 316 stainless steel to heavy ion irradiation: an in situ study
Z Shang, C Fan, S Xue, J Ding, J Li, T Voisin, YM Wang, H Wang, ...
Materials Research Letters 7 (7), 290-297, 2019
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