Nicolas Labrosse
Nicolas Labrosse
Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow
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Physics of solar prominences: I—spectral diagnostics and non-LTE modelling
N Labrosse, P Heinzel, JC Vial, T Kucera, S Parenti, S Gunßr, ...
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Hinode, TRACE, SOHO, and ground-based observations of a quiescent prominence
P Heinzel, B Schmieder, F Fárník, P Schwartz, N Labrosse, P Kotrč, ...
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N Labrosse, P Gouttebroze
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Radiative transfer in cylindrical threads with incident radiation-VI. A hydrogen plus helium system
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Magnetic field in atypical prominence structures: bubble, tornado, and eruption
PJ Levens, B Schmieder, AL Ariste, N Labrosse, K Dalmasse, B Gelly
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Structure of prominence legs: plasma and magnetic field
PJ Levens, B Schmieder, N Labrosse, AL Ariste
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FR Da Costa, L Fletcher, N Labrosse, F Zuccarello
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I Zouganelis, A De Groof, AP Walsh, DR Williams, D Müller, OC St Cyr, ...
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HS Hudson, TN Woods, PC Chamberlin, L Fletcher, G Del Zanna, ...
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Effect of motions in prominences on the helium resonance lines in the extreme ultraviolet
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A solar tornado observed by EIS-Plasma diagnostics
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Non-gaussian velocity distributions in solar flares from extreme ultraviolet lines: A possible diagnostic of ion acceleration
NLS Jeffrey, L Fletcher, N Labrosse
The Astrophysical Journal 836 (1), 35, 2017
A ready-made code for the computation of prominence NLTE models
P Gouttebroze, N Labrosse
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Plasma diagnostic in eruptive prominences from SDO/AIA observations at 304 Å
N Labrosse, K McGlinchey
Astronomy & Astrophysics 537, A100, 2012
Automatic detection of limb prominences in 304 Å EUV images
N Labrosse, S Dalla, S Marshall
Solar Physics 262 (2), 449-460, 2010
EUV lines observed with EIS/Hinode in a solar prominence
N Labrosse, B Schmieder, P Heinzel, T Watanabe
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A global 2.5‐dimensional three fluid solar wind model with alpha particles
B Li, X Li, N Labrosse
Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics 111 (A8), 2006
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