Mark A Magnuson
Mark A Magnuson
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PDX-1 is required for pancreatic outgrowth and differentiation of the rostral duodenum
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Thiazolidinediones expand body fluid volume through PPARγ stimulation of ENaC-mediated renal salt absorption
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Hepatic glucokinase is required for the synergistic action of ChREBP and SREBP-1c on glycolytic and lipogenic gene expression
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Multiallelic disruption of the rictor gene in mice reveals that mTOR complex 2 is essential for fetal growth and viability
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Salt–sensitive hypertension and reduced fertility in mice lacking the prostaglandin EP2 receptor
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Pancreatic beta-cell glucokinase: closing the gap between theoretical concepts and experimental realities.
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DNA excision in liver by an albumin‐Cre transgene occurs progressively with age
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Identification of a sequence in the PEPCK gene that mediates a negative effect of insulin on transcription
RM O'Brien, PC Lucas, CD Forest, MA Magnuson, DK Granner
Science 249 (4968), 533-537, 1990
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