Bruno Chávez-Vergara
Bruno Chávez-Vergara
Instituto de Geología, UNAM
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Almacén y dinámica del carbono orgánico del suelo en bosques templados de México
L Galicia, AM Gamboa Cáceres, S Cram, B Chávez Vergara, ...
Terra Latinoamericana 34 (1), 1-29, 2016
Organic matter dynamics and microbial activity during decomposition of forest floor under two native neotropical oak species in a temperate deciduous forest in Mexico
B Chavez-Vergara, A Merino, G Vázquez-Marrufo, F García-Oliva
Geoderma 235, 133-145, 2014
Variability in the composition of charred litter generated by wildfire in different ecosystems
A Merino, B Chávez-Vergara, J Salgado, MT Fonturbel, F García-Oliva, ...
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Inferring changes in soil organic matter in post-wildfire soil burn severity levels in a temperate climate
A Merino, MT Fonturbel, C Fernández, B Chávez-Vergara, F García-Oliva, ...
Science of the Total Environment 627, 622-632, 2018
Perspectivas del enfoque socioecológico en la conservación, el aprovechamiento y pago de servicios ambientales de los bosques templados de México
L Galicia, BM Chávez-Vergara, M Kolb, RI Jasso-Flores, ...
Madera y bosques 24 (2), 2018
Foliar nutrient resorption constrains soil nutrient transformations under two native oak species in a temperate deciduous forest in Mexico
BM Chávez-Vergara, A González-Rodríguez, JD Etchevers, K Oyama, ...
European Journal of Forest Research 134, 803-817, 2015
Quercus species control nutrients dynamics by determining the composition and activity of the forest floor fungal community
B Chávez-Vergara, A Rosales-Castillo, A Merino, G Vázquez-Marrufo, ...
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 98, 186-195, 2016
Direct and legacy effects of plant-traits control litter decomposition in a deciduous oak forest in Mexico
B Chávez-Vergara, A Merino, A González-Rodríguez, K Oyama, ...
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Soil organic matter dynamics and microbial metabolism along an altitudinal gradient in Highland tropical forests
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Effects of land use change from natural forest to livestock on soil C, N and P dynamics along a rainfall gradient in Mexico
D Figueroa, P Ortega-Fernández, TF Abbruzzini, A Rivero-Villlar, ...
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Rock varnish as a natural canvas for rock art in La Proveedora, northwestern Sonoran Desert (Mexico): Integrating archaeological and geological evidences
PU Martínez-Pabello, C Villalobos, S Sedov, E Solleiro-Rebolledo, J Solé, ...
Quaternary International 572, 74-87, 2021
Effect of the natural establishment of two plant species on microbial activity, on the composition of the fungal community, and on the mitigation of potentially toxic elements …
AP Solis-Hernández, BM Chávez-Vergara, AV Rodríguez-Tovar, ...
Science of The Total Environment 802, 149788, 2022
Pioneer plant species and fungal root endophytes in metal-polluted tailings deposited near human populations and agricultural areas in Northern Mexico
G Flores-Torres, AP Solis-Hernández, G Vela-Correa, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 28 (39), 55072-55088, 2021
Environmental setting of the early irrigation in Oasisamerica: Paleopedological evidences from the alluvial palaeosols in la Playa/Sonoran Desert
G Ibarra–Arzave, E Solleiro-Rebolledo, B Chávez-Vergara, S Sedov, ...
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Composition and stability of non-woody char generated by wildfire in different forest ecosystems
A Merino, B Chávez-Vergara, J Salgado, MT Fontúrbel, F García-Oliva, ...
Catena 133, 52-63, 2015
Consecuencias funcionales de la diferenciación taxonómica entre secciones del género Quercus: el caso de la reabsorción de nutrientes
B Chávez-Vergara, F García-Oliva
Revista Biológicas Número Especial, 1-7, 2013
Efecto de dos especies del género Quercus sobre la dinámica de C, N y P en un fragmento forestal de la cuenca de Cuitzeo, Michoacán (tesis de maestría)
BM Chávez-Vergara
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México, 2010
Barriers for plant establishment in the abandoned tailings of Nacozari, Sonora, Mexico: the influence of compost addition on seedling performance and tailing properties
LV Arvizu-Valenzuela, R Cruz-Ortega, D Meza-Figueroa, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 27, 39635-39650, 2020
Response of surface processes to the Holocene landscape changes in Sonora: evidences from the paleosol-sedimentary sequences at the archaeological sites El Fin del Mundo and El …
G Ibarra-Arzave, E Solleiro-Rebolledo, G Sanchez, S Sedov, A Golyeva, ...
Journal of South American Earth Sciences 104, 102947, 2020
Geochemical variations across the Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary in central Mexico. Insights for correlation with Tethyan areas
R Barragán, R López-Martínez, B Chávez-Vergara, F Núñez-Useche, ...
Journal of South American Earth Sciences 99, 102521, 2020
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