Anne Koelewijn
Anne Koelewijn
W1 Professor, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg
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CNN-based estimation of sagittal plane walking and running biomechanics from measured and simulated inertial sensor data
E Dorschky, M Nitschke, CF Martindale, AJ Van den Bogert, AD Koelewijn, ...
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Metabolic cost calculations of gait using musculoskeletal energy models, a comparison study
AD Koelewijn, D Heinrich, AJ van den Bogert
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Joint contact forces can be reduced by improving joint moment symmetry in below-knee amputee gait simulations
AD Koelewijn, AJ van den Bogert
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A metabolic energy expenditure model with a continuous first derivative and its application to predictive simulations of gait
AD Koelewijn, E Dorschky, AJ Van den Bogert
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Efficient trajectory optimization for curved running using a 3D musculoskeletal model with implicit dynamics
M Nitschke, E Dorschky, D Heinrich, H Schlarb, BM Eskofier, ...
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Perspective on “in the wild” movement analysis using machine learning
E Dorschky, V Camomilla, J Davis, P Federolf, J Reenalda, AD Koelewijn
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Exploring the contribution of proprioceptive reflexes to balance control in perturbed standing
AD Koelewijn, AJ Ijspeert
Frontiers in bioengineering and biotechnology 8, 866, 2020
A solution method for predictive simulations in a stochastic environment
AD Koelewijn, AJ van den Bogert
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Antagonistic co-contraction can minimize muscular effort in systems with uncertainty
AD Koelewijn, AJ Van Den Bogert
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BASH: Biomechanical Animated Skinned Human for Visualization of Kinematics and Muscle Activity.
R Schleicher, M Nitschke, J Martschinke, M Stamminger, BM Eskofier, ...
VISIGRAPP (1: GRAPP), 25-36, 2021
Predictive simulations to replicate human gait adaptations and energetics with exoskeletons
AD Koelewijn, JC Selinger
IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering 30, 1931-1940, 2022
Change the direction: 3D optimal control simulation by directly tracking marker and ground reaction force data
M Nitschke, R Marzilger, S Leyendecker, BM Eskofier, AD Koelewijn
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Methods for integrating postural control into biomechanical human simulations: a systematic review
J Shanbhag, A Wolf, I Wechsler, S Fleischmann, J Winkler, ...
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Predictive Simulations of Gait and Their Application in Prosthesis Design
AD Koelewijn
Cleveland State University, 2018
Comparing sparse inertial sensor setups for sagittal-plane walking and running reconstructions
E Dorschky, M Nitschke, M Mayer, I Weygers, H Gassner, T Seel, ...
bioRxiv, 2023.05. 25.542228, 2023
Adaptation Strategies for Personalized Gait Neuroprosthetics
AD Koelewijn, M Audu, AJ Del-Ama, A Colucci, JM Font-Llagunes, ...
Frontiers in neurorobotics 15, 750519, 2021
Development of an inertial sensor-based exergame for combined cognitive and physical training
F Egle, F Kluge, D Schoene, L Becker, AD Koelewijn
2022 IEEE-EMBS International Conference on Wearable and Implantable Body …, 2022
Predictive simulations of gait with exoskeletons that alter energetics
AD Koelewijn, JC Selinger
bioRxiv, 2021.08. 31.458315, 2021
An 8-week injury prevention exercise program combined with change-of-direction technique training limits movement patterns associated with anterior cruciate ligament injury risk
M Mohr, P Federolf, D Heinrich, M Nitschke, C Raschner, J Scharbert, ...
Scientific Reports 14 (1), 3115, 2024
Prediction of the effect of midsole stiffness and energy return using trajectory optimisation
M Nitschke, T Luckfiel, H Schlarb, E Dorschky, A Koelewijn
Footwear Science 13 (sup1), S65-S66, 2021
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