Juha Koivisto
Juha Koivisto
Aalto University, School of Science
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Fluctuations and scaling in creep deformation
J Rosti, J Koivisto, L Laurson, MJ Alava
Physical review letters 105 (10), 100601, 2010
Creep of a fracture line in paper peeling
J Koivisto, J Rosti, MJ Alava
Physical review letters 99 (14), 145504, 2007
Laser ablation atmospheric pressure photoionization mass spectrometry imaging of phytochemicals from sage leaves
A Vaikkinen, B Shrestha, J Koivisto, R Kostiainen, A Vertes, TJ Kauppila
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 28 (23), 2490-2496, 2014
Statistics of acoustic emission in paper fracture: precursors and criticality
J Rosti, J Koivisto, MJ Alava
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Crackling noise and its dynamics in fracture of disordered media
J Rosti, X Illa, J Koivisto, MJ Alava
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 42 (21), 214013, 2009
The sands of time run faster near the end
J Koivisto, DJ Durian
Nature communications 8 (1), 1-6, 2017
Friction controls even submerged granular flows
J Koivisto, M Korhonen, M Alava, CP Ortiz, DJ Durian, A Puisto
Soft Matter 13 (41), 7657-7664, 2017
Effect of interstitial fluid on the fraction of flow microstates that precede clogging in granular hoppers
J Koivisto, DJ Durian
Physical Review E 95 (3), 032904, 2017
Predicting sample lifetimes in creep fracture of heterogeneous materials
J Koivisto, M Ovaska, A Miksic, L Laurson, MJ Alava
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Statistical properties of low cycle fatigue in paper
A Miksic, J Koivisto, M Alava
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Relaxation of creep strain in paper
M Mustalahti, J Rosti, J Koivisto, MJ Alava
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Repulsion and Attraction between a Pair of Cracks in a Plastic Sheet
MJ Dalbe, J Koivisto, L Vanel, A Miksic, O Ramos, M Alava, S Santucci
Physical review letters 114 (20), 205501, 2015
Effect of fatigue and annual rings’ orientation on mechanical properties of wood under cross-grain uniaxial compression
A Miksic, M Myntti, J Koivisto, L Salminen, M Alava
Wood science and technology 47 (6), 1117-1133, 2013
Line creep in paper peeling
J Rosti, J Koivisto, P Traversa, X Illa, JR Grasso, MJ Alava
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Path (un) predictability of two interacting cracks in polycarbonate sheets using Digital Image Correlation
J Koivisto, MJ Dalbe, MJ Alava, S Santucci
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-8, 2016
Influence of strain rate, temperature and fatigue on the radial compression behaviour of Norway spruce
C Moilanen, T Björkqvist, M Ovaska, J Koivisto, A Miksic, BA Engberg, ...
Holzforschung 71 (6), 505-514, 2017
Spatial fluctuations in transient creep deformation
L Laurson, J Rosti, J Koivisto, A Miksic, MJ Alava
Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 2011 (07), P07002, 2011
Foam flows through a local constriction
T Chevalier, J Koivisto, N Shmakova, MJ Alava, A Puisto, C Raufaste, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 925 (1), 012025, 2017
Strain fluctuations from DIC technique applied on paper under fatigue or creep
A Miksic, J Koivisto, J Rosti, M Alava
Procedia Engineering 10, 2678-2683, 2011
Deformation, acoustic emission and ultrasound velocity during fatigue tests on paper
A Miksic, J Koivisto, E Mykkänen, J Saarenpää, M Alava, K Mustonen, ...
EPJ Web of Conferences 6, 42016, 2010
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