Susan Brantley
Susan Brantley
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Impact of shale gas development on regional water quality
RD Vidic, SL Brantley, JM Vandenbossche, D Yoxtheimer, JD Abad
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The effect of time on the weathering of silicate minerals: why do weathering rates differ in the laboratory and field?
AF White, SL Brantley
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The size distribution of framboidal pyrite in modern sediments: an indicator of redox conditions
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Chemical Weathering, Atmospheric CO2, and Climate
LR Kump, SL Brantley, MA Arthur
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Chemical weathering rates of silicate minerals: an overview
AF White, SL Brantley
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Crossing disciplines and scales to understand the critical zone
SL Brantley, MB Goldhaber, KV Ragnarsdottir
Elements 3 (5), 307-314, 2007
Kinetics of water-rock interaction
SL Brantley, JD Kubicki, AF White
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Characterization of an electron conduit between bacteria and the extracellular environment
RS Hartshorne, CL Reardon, D Ross, J Nuester, TA Clarke, AJ Gates, ...
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Feldspar dissolution at 25 C and pH 3: Reaction stoichiometry and the effect of cations
LL Stillings, SL Brantley
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Kinetics of mineral dissolution
SL Brantley
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Evaluating a groundwater supply contamination incident attributed to Marcellus Shale gas development
GT Llewellyn, F Dorman, JL Westland, D Yoxtheimer, P Grieve, T Sowers, ...
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Reaction kinetics of primary rock-forming minerals under ambient conditions
SL Brantley
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Water resource impacts during unconventional shale gas development: The Pennsylvania experience
SL Brantley, D Yoxtheimer, S Arjmand, P Grieve, R Vidic, J Pollak, ...
International Journal of Coal Geology 126, 140-156, 2014
Fe isotopic fractionation during mineral dissolution with and without bacteria
SL Brantley, LJ Liermann, RL Guynn, A Anbar, GA Icopini, J Barling
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Surface area and porosity of primary silicate minerals
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Role of bacterial siderophores in dissolution of hornblende
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Models of quartz overgrowth and vein formation: deformation and episodic fluid flow in an ancient subduction zone
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The role of dislocations and surface morphology in calcite dissolution
IN MacInnis, SL Brantley
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Cu isotopic fractionation in the supergene environment with and without bacteria
R Mathur, J Ruiz, S Titley, L Liermann, H Buss, S Brantley
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Dissolution at dislocation etch pits in quartz
SL Brantley, SR Crane, DA Crerar, R Hellmann, R Stallard
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 50 (10), 2349-2361, 1986
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