Will Styler
Will Styler
Assistant Teaching Professor, UC San Diego
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Temporal Annotation in the Clinical Domain
WF Styler IV, S Bethard, S Finan, M Palmer, S Pradhan, PC de Groen, ...
Temporal Annotation in the Clinical Domain
WF Styler IV, S Bethard, S Finan, M Palmer, S Pradhan, PC de Groen, ...
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Towards comprehensive syntactic and semantic annotations of the clinical narrative
D Albright, A Lanfranchi, A Fredriksen, WF Styler IV, C Warner, JD Hwang, ...
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 20 (5), 922-930, 2013
Using Praat for Linguistic Research
W Styler
University of Colorado at Boulder Phonetics Lab, 2013
Plosive voicing in Afrikaans: Differential cue weighting and tonogenesis
AW Coetzee, PS Beddor, K Shedden, W Styler, D Wissing
Journal of Phonetics 66, 185-216, 2018
Towards temporal relation discovery from the clinical narrative
G Savova, S Bethard, W Styler, J Martin, M Palmer, J Masanz, W Ward
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On the acoustical features of vowel nasality in English and French
W Styler
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 142 (4), 2469-2482, 2017
On the acoustical and perceptual features of vowel nasality
W Styler
University of Colorado at Boulder, 2015
The time course of individuals' perception of coarticulatory information is linked to their production: Implications for sound change
PS Beddor, AW Coetzee, W Styler, KB McGowan, JE Boland
Language 94 (4), 931-968, 2018
Anafora: a web-based general purpose annotation tool
WT Chen, W Styler
Proceedings of the conference. Association for Computational Linguistics …, 2013
The enronsent corpus
W Styler
Boulder: University of Colorado at Boulder Institute of Cognitive Science, 2011
Challenges of adding causation to richer event descriptions
R Ikuta, W Styler, M Hamang, T O’Gorman, M Palmer
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on EVENTS: Definition, Detection …, 2014
A CNN-based tool for automatic tongue contour tracking in ultrasound images
J Zhu, W Styler, I Calloway
arXiv preprint arXiv:1907.10210, 2019
Automatic tongue contour extraction in ultrasound images with convolutional neural networks
J Zhu, W Styler, IC Calloway
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 143 (3), 1966-1966, 2018
Using Praat for Linguistic Research. Version 1.4. 5
W Styler
Pause postures: The relationship between articulation and cognitive processes during pauses
J Krivokapić, W Styler, B Parrell
Journal of phonetics 79, 100953, 2020
Nasality automeasure script package
W Styler, R Scarborough
Praat script], available at https://github. com/stylerw/styler_praat_scripts …, 2018
SHARP template annotations: Guidelines
G Savova, W Styler, D Albright, M Palmer, D Harris, G Zaramba, P Haug, ...
Technical report, Mayo Clinic, 2012
Use of waveform mixing to synthesize a continuum of vowel nasality in natural speech
WF Styler IV, R Scarborough, G Zellou
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 130 (4), 2443-2443, 2011
Nasal Coarticulation in Lexical Perception: The Role of Neighborhood-conditioned Variation
R Scarborough, W Styler, G Zellou
ICPhs XVII, 1--4, 2011
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