Fengyu Cong
Fengyu Cong
Professor, Dalian University of Technology, China; Docent, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland
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Tensor decomposition of EEG signals: a brief review
F Cong, QH Lin, LD Kuang, XF Gong, P Astikainen, T Ristaniemi
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Distributed road surface condition monitoring using mobile phones
M Perttunen, O Mazhelis, F Cong, M Kauppila, T Leppänen, J Kantola, ...
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P Astikainen, G Stefanics, M Nokia, A Lipponen, F Cong, M Penttonen, ...
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Linking brain responses to naturalistic music through analysis of ongoing EEG and stimulus features
F Cong, V Alluri, AK Nandi, P Toiviainen, R Fa, B Abu-Jamous, L Gong, ...
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Single-trial based independent component analysis on mismatch negativity in children
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Event-related potentials to unattended changes in facial expressions: detection of regularity violations or encoding of emotions?
P Astikainen, F Cong, T Ristaniemi, J Hietanen
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Hilbert-Huang versus Morlet wavelet transformation on mismatch negativity of children in uninterrupted sound paradigm
F Cong, T Sipola, T Huttunen-Scott, X Xu, T Ristaniemi, H Lyytinen
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Dimension reduction: additional benefit of an optimal filter for independent component analysis to extract event-related potentials
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Journal of Neuroscience Methods 223, 74-84, 2014
Applying Wavelet Packet Decomposition and One-class Support Vector Machine on Vehicle Acceleration Traces for Road Anomaly Detection
F Cong, H Hautakangas, J Nieminen, O Mazhelis, M Perttunen, J Riekki, ...
Proc. International Symposium on Neural Networks 2013, 2013
Frequency-response-based wavelet decomposition for extracting children’s mismatch negativity elicited by uninterrupted sound
F Cong, Y Huang, I Kalyakin, H Li, T Huttunen-Scott, H Lyytinen, ...
J Med Biol Eng 32, 205-214, 2012
Answering six questions in extracting children’s mismatch negativity through combining wavelet decomposition and independent component analysis
F Cong, I Kalyakin, H Li, T Huttunen-Scott, Y Huang, H Lyytinen, ...
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Effects of exercise and diet interventions on obesity-related sleep disorders in men: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial
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ICA of full complex-valued fMRI data using phase information of spatial maps
MC Yu, QH Lin, LD Kuang, XF Gong, F Cong, VD Calhoun
Journal of neuroscience methods 249, 75-91, 2015
Validating rationale of group-level component analysis based on estimating number of sources in EEG through model order selection
F Cong, Z He, J Hämäläinen, PHT Leppänen, H Lyytinen, A Cichocki, ...
Journal of neuroscience methods 212 (1), 165–172, 2013
Can back-projection fully resolve polarity indeterminacy of independent component analysis in study of event-related potential?
F Cong, I Kalyakin, T Ristaniemi
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 6 (4), 422-426, 2011
Fast and effective model order selection method to determine the number of sources in a linear transformation model
F Cong, AK Nandi, Z He, A Cichocki, T Ristaniemi
2012 Proceedings of the 20th European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO …, 2012
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